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  1. A

    Why is my soap green and no color was added?

    Hey guys!! I recently tried a new recipe for a neem oil baby soap and when I went to cut the soap and noticed the inside was GREEN. Again no colorant was used at all. Please help!!!!
  2. E

    Would This Formula Need Poly-20?

    I found a new bubble bath base, but it's a little different from what I am used to, so I am not sure if it would require something else before adding color or fragrance like poly-20. base formula is: Water/Eau, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis...
  3. I

    Bath Bomb Mica help

    I am currently trying to make bath bombs with mica, which i understand is a challenge, but I just love that silky/shimmery look just like @wwfco on instagram. My current recipe is 1cup sodium bicarb 1/2cup citric acid 2 teaspoons of mica 2 teaspoons of polysorbate 80 1 teaspoon fragrance oil 1...
  4. sanjosedave

    HELP! Recipe fail!

    I designed the attached recipe using the SoapMaking Friend calculator. The "Recipe Properties" bar graph shows all green - everything looked good on paper. However, when I actually made the batch it went from liquid to a near-solid paste within a few seconds (literally) of adding the lye water...
  5. T

    Milk Bath Polysorbate 80 or Dendritic Salt?

    I'm creating a milk bath recipe. I know the dendritic salt is essential because it helps to anchor fragrance. My question is should I use Polysorbate 80 so that the fragrance oil blends with the water instead of sitting on the surface of the bath water?
  6. AliciaE

    Thin crack on top of loaf

    Hey Ya'll, I have heard of large cracks in a loaf from soap getting to hot but I wasn't sure if that was the case with mine or not. I let all my soap sit in the same area and this is the first time I have gotten these thin cracks. They are just on the top of my loaf where I built up a little...
  7. Satinfox

    Formulating Soap Recipes

    Hello Fellow S:)oapers, I wondered if anyone has taken The Formulating Soap Recipes course which is part of Kenna’s unique Suds & Success Workshop Series? If so, did you find it helpful? We are looking for a course that explains methods to create a soap that is not drying or does not get...
  8. E

    My first soap recipe

    Hello guys. I am just starting out with soap-making and I would like you to help me create my first recipe. I have checked out local stores and apart from olive oil which is abundant in my country, I can find relatively cheap coconut oil and castor oil. There is also avocado and hemp oil...
  9. Emily4028

    First cocoa butter soap

    Hi all, I’m a beginner looking to make a conditioning soap with a creamy lather that leaves skin feeling super soft. I came up with the following recipe using soapcalc and several forums on this site. It’s my first time using cocoa butter. I just tried it after 1 week of curing (I couldn’t...
  10. C

    Recipe lotion bars turn out hard, please help.

    Please review the below recipe and let me know how I can make them softer when applying. After holding in hands for a few seconds it still does not soften by much. What would you do differently to the recipe below? Or what other recipes would you use? I'm needing to make 60 for a bridal shower...
  11. M

    “Moisturizing” Soap?

    Im newer at soap making but have made a fair amount of batches of soap over the last few months, using different recipes from some books I have. I’m starting to notice some differences in the batches now that some are cured. Much of the soap seems to really wash away the oils from my hands...
  12. A

    Recipe Adjustments and Preventing Gel

    I prefer to prevent gel in my soap. I haven't managed to do it successfully (yet), but I'm still striving for that non-gelled look. I don't care for the translucent look of gelled soap - I really want my soap to look creamy. I have read and watched professional Soapers who say if you prevent...
  13. Gemmali

    Puzzling crumbles

    After having a rough first batch and taking lots of notes about what I could do differently, I decided to buy some lard and see what that was about as I continue on this journey. I fixed my lye water ratio and really got thoughtful about what I was doing. Lard 50% Castor Oil 5% Coconut Oil 15%...
  14. KimT2au

    DIY skin care forum recommendations

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone here is a member of, or could recommend, a suitable forum or bulletin board for people making their own skin care products. I had a look via google and I didn't find much. I would be grateful for any recommendations. Kim
  15. T

    Playing Around With Melt & Pour Salt Bars

    Hi Everyone!!!! Happy 4th of July!!! I am super excited to share my newest recipe. I have been slaving away at trying to make a Salt Bar Recipe for Melt and Pour. So I have tried different amounts and types of salts and I think I found the perfect blend for me. I tested it on myself and love...
  16. shaz

    3 Oil/Butter Soap Recipes using CO PO SB

    Hello, has anyone got any recipes that use just CO PO & SB I've tried the following: 34/33/33 - too drying on the skin - 5% superfat and a 50% water discount was used 45/35/20 - again drying on the skin - 5% superfat - tested soap after 6 weeks cure I'm going to try the following but would...
  17. J

    Recipes and scent retention

    I'm relatively new to soapmaking, and I've been frustrated because I can't seem to make almost any FO stick. The other day, I was watching a Royalty Soaps video, and Katie said that so and so recipe had a "great scent retention". And it got me thinking. Is that a thing? And, if it is, which...
  18. J

    FLOATING Bath Bombs?

    Does anyone here have any real information on what makes a bath bomb float vs sink? I've been making hearty sinkers for a while now but I'm curious to see if I can make floaters! I use coconut oil and rubbing alcohol as my liquid, I use cornstarch as I've heard that can help it float but I'm...
  19. N

    Basic Facial Cream / Moisturizer Recipe (First post!)

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I'm scouring the Internet for a very basic lotion/cream recipe but I am coming up short. I am hoping to make it with aloe and shea butter. (Very advanced, I know XD) All I need to know is how many cups of carrier oils, aloe, shea butter, and emulsifying wax I would...
  20. trentmcl

    Emulsifying advice

    Hi All, This is my first post and i need to be honest. I'm looking at making a pomade and have found that soap makers are possibly the BEST people to get advice from when it comes to ingredients (both natural and chemical). I was wondering if anyone can help me with the below set of...