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I'm also in the "don't like OO soaps" club. Any more than about 20% makes my skin feel dry. However, I do have to admit that I don't hate my version of ZNSB with goat milk and 0%SF - but I don't love it, either. I only make it for my one friend who is obsessed with it.

Honestly, I think what she loves best about this soap is the fragrance I used when she first tried it, which was Peak's White Tea & Ginger obtained from you, @cmzaha. When she found out it was discontinued, she made me save every last drop of it for her soaps and bath bombs - no one else could have any of it. 😄 Fortunately, I've found a close enough replacement with California Candle Supply's White Tea, although it's much fainter than Peak's version.
Candle Science do a White Tea which I love.
@akseattle congratulations on making your first batch of ZNSC.

What brand of lye do you use?
When you have some time, here's a good article by DeeAnna on lye purity, along with this post and the thread it's in.
@Mobjack Bay , because this is my first time making a soap with such a low superfat (.25%), even though the soap looked fine, I did the zap test today. Not only did it not zap, it had a really, really mild soap taste. I've zap tested other batches - just out of curiousity- and even though they don't zap, they might have had a strong soap taste- some more than others. This was not like that at all. So, I don't know if my lye is not really 100% or is just old and weak, or if this is just a great recipe, or if I got super lucky (I did measure really carefully.) But, I'm liking this soap already!

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