Curing times for Castile/bastille

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Jan 3, 2016
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I know that Castile curing times are 6months or longer but when you get into making a Bastille, how much extra other oil does it take to shorten cure time?

I'm planning on playing with the Petra style hanger swirl tonight and my first attempt traced faster than I wanted to. Going back to the slowest tracing soap I've made, it was a full Castile. My only issue with that is I want to gift these soaps at the end of May. My question boils down to: what percentage of adding another oil will guarantee a "standard" cure time as opposed to six months?
I would shoot for 40% OO or less. I use to make a soap with 40% OO and the rest CO, Palm, Castor, Shea and it would a good soap after a 6 week cure. The more OO the longer the cure.
Thanks guys. I ended up going with roughly 20oz OO, 4(?) sunflower, 2 castor, 2 Shea, and 2 coconut with an extra helping of sodium lactate. (I don't have my notes with me.) Trace was mostly ok (much better than the previous attempt which had 20-40% lard) but I don't think I nailed it. If I have an opportunity this week I'll pick up lard for a last attempt.