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  1. Iluminameluna

    My Bastille with cocoa and milk

    I'm looking for advice on how to incorporate the cocoa powder and the cinnamon I'm planning to use in this recipe. Also, why partially thaw the milk? I understood that it's better to add the lye to the frozen cubes. I'm confused . 350g batch Castor 5%, 17.5g CO76 10% 35 OO 30% 105 Palm 19%...
  2. BattleGnome

    Curing times for Castile/bastille

    I know that Castile curing times are 6months or longer but when you get into making a Bastille, how much extra other oil does it take to shorten cure time? I'm planning on playing with the Petra style hanger swirl tonight and my first attempt traced faster than I wanted to. Going back to the...
  3. goji_fries

    Is it OK to sell a soap named as "bastille"

    Is the name offensive since it may mean bastard castille???? Can it be sold as olive oil soap? IDK IDK :think:
  4. N

    Trace-lack of-Bastille soap

    hi there. im fairly new to soap making but have done it a few times really well(from luck) and a few not so well.. i've read a book and im starting a new one which has helped me heaps. im compiling the info in my brain and have been, over time, despite the overload. (wish i was better at...