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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Is cure time affected by emulsion method (stick blender vs spatula stirring)?

    I recently noticed that a certain recipe does not require a stick blender. Instead, stirring with only a silicone spatula allows me to achieve emulsion within about 1 to 2 minutes. Should I wait for more time (like an extra week or days) before using the soap if I pour the batter that had only...
  2. M

    Keeping It Warm

    If I keep my fresh soap in the oven at about 80 - 100° F will that shorten the cure time? My thoughts are that heat often accelerates chemical processes and heat also drives off moisture. But will it actually reduce the amount of time it takes to cure? Based on responses so far, allow me to...
  3. Kila

    Curing Question!

    Hey guys! I'm a beginner at making cold processed soap. I live in a fairly cool apartment with not much space to leave my bars to cure other than inside the oven (off, of course). Is this a sufficient place to let them cure? If so, how can I speed up the curing process?
  4. K

    Drying Cold Process Soap!

    I have made couple of batches of soaps already but all of them dries my skin. 1 was cured for 6 weeks The others 4 weeks. They are not lye heavy. I used soap calc and brambleberry calculators. These are unscented soaps. These are also a coMbination of gelled and ungelled soaps. My skin doesn’t...
  5. K

    Cure time for soy melts

    Is cure time really necessary? I've read soy needs two weeks and I'm impatient. I have three test scents I poured yesterday and the day before and they're not as strong as I'd like them to be and the hot throw is meh. I'm not sure if I should just toss what I've made and make new w/more scent...
  6. S

    CP Soap Curing time Speed up Possible??

    Hey all! I was once reading an article about a lady who mistakenly put her fresh batch of CP Soap in her microwave oven and 'cooked' her soap in the preheated oven and apparently was able to wave off 3-4 weeks of curing time. This got me thinking about the benefits of curing of the soap...
  7. MySoapyHeart

    Curing soap - the proof sure is in the pudding!

    This will be perhaps a bit of a long read, and I understand if you can`t be bothered. But I just want to give you the background of why I felt so happy about this experience! And please understand, this is not a post to pat myself on the back, but I really wanted to add to what the above title...
  8. BattleGnome

    Curing times for Castile/bastille

    I know that Castile curing times are 6months or longer but when you get into making a Bastille, how much extra other oil does it take to shorten cure time? I'm planning on playing with the Petra style hanger swirl tonight and my first attempt traced faster than I wanted to. Going back to the...
  9. J

    Query:How to get a hard of soap

    Can some one share tips to get a soap bar hard.Soap making with hardly no chemicals and preservatives yields a soft bar that gets over in less than a week's time of usage. Is there a way to make a bar last longer OR cure quickly as a hard bar?
  10. E

    Size of soap and cure time.

    I know that the cure time involves 3 different phases to take place: saponification (which takes 24-48 hours), drying (which takes longer but can be affected by different techniques), and misc. cure stuff (pH changes, etc.) which is basically just a waiting game. I also know that cure time...
  11. L

    Cure Time

    For my baby cp soap that is 74% olive oil how long of a cure time do you recommend? How about if my soap is part avocado oil... 32% olive 10% avocado. Does it still need a long cure time with avocado?