Castile type soap with Hemp & castor - need suggestions.

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Aug 5, 2014
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I want to make a Castile soap (which needs a min of 72% Olive Oil) and I also want to add Hemp Oil b/c I have some to get rid of and I think I might have some friends who would particularly enjoy the hemp/olive oil combo (castor is not really a factor...).

The reason I am trying the hemp is b/c I have it and it needs to be used up.

I know that many castile's work much better (become harder) the longer they age, 6 month min and a year is good and even more is excellent! SO, in preperation for my producing this batch, I'd like to know if I should look at things like stearic acid, kokum butter, shea, beeswax, etc (basically anything exotic and "Hippy natural" (if you get my drift).

So if you could suggest others to look at besides the hemp, olive, castor I'm more than willing to listen and share my results with those who might also be interested!
If you ask me, you're not going anywhere with the oils and butters you suggested, as long as you want to keep the OO at 72%.Kokum, Shea and SA don't have cleaning properties of their own.
IMHO the best bet would be
62 OO
10 hemp
5 Castor
23 coconut oil.
to make it simple. Replacing more OO for Hemp, like 30%, would make your soap a softer,
but more conditioning.
But DOS might become a factor.....
I want to make a Castile soap (which needs a min of 72% Olive Oil)

Im not sure where you got that 72% from? From what I've seen among handmade soap makers, a Castile is 100% olive oil, and a "Bastile" is olive oil with anything else. Commercial soap makers go so far as to say any vegetable oil soap is a Castile soap, but they crazy.
I keep my hemp oil in the fridge, but I cant say I've seen any issue in my clay or salt bars with hemp oil - but I do start using those at 6 weeks. Some are about 8 months old now and look good.
Thanks for all the support you guys have given me. I've made 2 batches of soap today and it was a fun process! I went to the local farmers market and saw what they were charging for their soap and I think I might try to make this a little side business of special orders or something.

I've had hemp oil in the fridge for 4 years (it was REALLY hidden), it had been opened, and it was fine to my surprise. IDK if there was something they did with the processing but it still looks, tastes and feels the same. Now what it will do after 6 months of curing, IDK...

I wanted to add some castor oil to my next batch and I stopped at CVS b/c it was the only thinkn accessible at the time and it was $5.99 got 4 oz! That is just outrageous.

I just made a trip back from a wholesale club and I got some Coconut oil (1/5-1/6th) price of local grocery store.. I wasn't paying $6.99 for 5 oz of oil, that just sounded outrageous.

I might just stick to a 100% OO bar just to do it an see how it turns out. It was a favorite of some of my family members so it could be a nice gift once cured.

Thanks again for all the help!