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  1. K

    Hemp Butter

    Hey guys! Has anyone used Hemp Butter for soap? Would you suggest it? The lye calculator I use doesn't have it as an option, maybe theres a reason for it? Thanks! Kay
  2. L

    Raw Hemp Seed issues?

    Has anyone ever used raw hemp seed in their soap? Do you know of any potential problems with it going bad? I chopped some and stirred it into my hp soap made with hemp milk. I also pressed some whole seeds on the top. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any problems with using this raw product...
  3. R

    Recipe review / Critique please

    So this is my 3rd batch of CP and I finally got some oils that I wanted to try. I wanted a hard moisturizing bar basically. What is not shown on the recipe is that I used whole milk in place of H2O (300g milk 80g cream) when making the lye mix (these were frozen cubes which kept the milk from...
  4. R

    Castile type soap with Hemp & castor - need suggestions.

    I want to make a Castile soap (which needs a min of 72% Olive Oil) and I also want to add Hemp Oil b/c I have some to get rid of and I think I might have some friends who would particularly enjoy the hemp/olive oil combo (castor is not really a factor...). The reason I am trying the hemp is...
  5. CaraBou

    Carrot & Clay

    This is for my sister's 58th birthday. It's kind of an "organic hippy psychedelic soap" to help her look, feel and stay young. The orange is carrot puree (from my garden) and the green is french green clay. I hadn't worked with either of these two colorants previously so I wasn't sure what to...