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  1. lyschelw

    25% off new butters and oils. Candle Cocoon.

    NEW Soap, Bath and Body products! 1 Day Sale! Get 25% off any of the new products! We don't even have the pictures up yet! Limited Sizes. NEW products include; Mango Butter Avocado Oil (Virgin Organic) Jojoba Oil (Golden Organic) Castor Oil (Organic) Kokum Butter Babassu Oil (Organic)...
  2. kelly2019

    Beer and wine soap

    Hello everyone! I've made a few batches of HP beer soap, which I have included 5% castor oil in. I saw somewhere that a soapmaker left off the castor oil when using beer, because it makes great lather on its own. I'm getting ready to make more beer soap...and also wine soap, which I assume would...
  3. M

    Soap Percentage Inquiry

    Hello Everyone! Momo here :) Thank you for taking the time to look at my new post. I'm in desperate need :( Kinda new to soap making, this is my 5th batch and I would love to hear your valued opinion on this recipe Its cold process, - 250g Coconut Oil 50% - 150g Olive Oil 30% -...
  4. R

    Recipe review / Critique please

    So this is my 3rd batch of CP and I finally got some oils that I wanted to try. I wanted a hard moisturizing bar basically. What is not shown on the recipe is that I used whole milk in place of H2O (300g milk 80g cream) when making the lye mix (these were frozen cubes which kept the milk from...
  5. R

    Castile type soap with Hemp & castor - need suggestions.

    I want to make a Castile soap (which needs a min of 72% Olive Oil) and I also want to add Hemp Oil b/c I have some to get rid of and I think I might have some friends who would particularly enjoy the hemp/olive oil combo (castor is not really a factor...). The reason I am trying the hemp is...
  6. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Castor Oil: 5% or 10%???

    Hi all! So I'm a little torn when it comes to the castor oil. I absolutely love this oil and what it does for lather and feel. I need opinions and advice about the percentage that goes into a recipe. 5% is good, but I've done as high as 10% and I love that too! Does anyone here think that's too...