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  1. DirtyKnuckles

    Confetti Confessional

    I found my last batch of deer tallow/lye soap to be far too grainy and brittle for my preferences. The soap works and it works GREAT. But it lacks ease of use when bars shatter when dropped. I took the last 262 grams of shards and ran them through the finest cheese grater I had, creating...
  2. S

    Hi..Need Your Help For My cinnamon Soap :)

    HI .Im planning to make cold process soap with cinnamon powder. how much powder do i need to add for 1lb of oils without having skin issues.? my oils are.coconut,olive ,sunflower and palm..thanks.. :)
  3. cmzaha

    Olive Oil Tariff

    This is an email I received from Cibaria (my oil supplier) this morning. There is a link to the letter below that you can read. It looks like one just needs to give Cibaria your Business Name From: Cibaria Int'l, Customer Service <[email protected]> Sent: Friday, June 21, 2019...
  4. B

    Oil Substitution... Help?

    I'm still fairly new to the soap-making process and am trying a new recipe. It calls for 6.5 oz. Soybean oil. Can I substitute this with 6.5 oz. Olive oil? Recipe is as follows: -2.1 oz cocoa butter (refined) -9.5 oz 76 degree melt coconut oil -4.4 oz refined sunflower oil -6.5 oz soybean oil...
  5. R

    Castile type soap with Hemp & castor - need suggestions.

    I want to make a Castile soap (which needs a min of 72% Olive Oil) and I also want to add Hemp Oil b/c I have some to get rid of and I think I might have some friends who would particularly enjoy the hemp/olive oil combo (castor is not really a factor...). The reason I am trying the hemp is...
  6. H

    unsaponifiables in oils

    I read that oils like olive and avocado have a high percentage of unsaponifiable matter which makes them highly moisturising in soap. Does anyone have info on percentage of unsaponifiable matter in these or other oils (palm, coconut, castor, tallow etc)?
  7. G

    Need a check and advice on a recipe

    So Christmas is coming and it's about time to craft a batch and set it to cure. And since its Christmas, I decided to gift more of a luxury, conditioning soap, than practical, cleansing one. Now I've been somewhat obsessed with making "tropical" themed soap for Christmas gifts so I figured I'd...
  8. H

    Soap is making me break out...help!

    Hi everyone, I have encountered a huuuge problem. My last batch of bastile soap has made my face break out horribly. Please, help me by pointing out what could be the proble . My recipe: 312g pomace olive oil 88g coconut oil 31g castor oil 10g s.almond oil 63g lye 63g of water 10g...
  9. H

    Trying to fix a batch

    Hi everyone! I tried HP for the first time. I made a basic soap of 80% olive and 20% coconut. I made the same recipe as a CP and it turned out wonderful. The HP batch smells a little weird though. I scented both batches (the earlier CP and my recent HP) with lemongrass EO but did not put as...