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  1. mobe_45

    How to fix?

    I made a batch of deodorant do now I have a few more than a dozen tubes of the stuff. I prefer scent free so there is no fragrance/eo in it. The second reason is my allergies include eucalyptus, aloe, and many florals. After making it, I read here that the coconut oil used was the wrong stuff...
  2. H

    Beeswax/Coconut oil Soot Problem

    Hi Everyone! 👋 I've been making candles for several months now and I can't seem to get rid of my soot problem. For reference, I'm using a blend of coconut oil and beeswax and wooden wicks. I don't think it's all a fragrance oil issue, because I keep my fragrance load at around 6 to 7%, and I...
  3. Misschief

    Another Lotion Bar Thread

    I had a yarn store owner ask me if I make lotion bars. Her normal supplier is too busy and no longer makes them so she's looking for another source. I've made them in the past but it's been a long time. I'm playing with recipes to find one that I really like. I'll take any advice I can get but...
  4. Fiona Robertson

    using lye to melt beeswax?

    Hello, I am a complete newbie. So far I have used my lye and water mixture to melt my hard oils then added the soft oils which has worked well for me. If I were to include a tiny amount of beeswax with my hard oils, would the lye mixture be enough to melt the wax? I hope I've explained myself...
  5. DeeAnna

    Lip Balm need advice !

    The stronger odor and dark color of the beeswax most likely means you are using wax that has been mostly harvested from brood comb (the comb that bees raise babies in). Wax from brood comb is not something you want to use in lip balm, in my opinion. If you want wax that smells better and is...
  6. N

    Was this a NO-NO?

    This big batch crumbled when I cut it after two days. I need to reuse. The zap seems OK. I may have been light on the oils but the main thing I did different is probably a no-no. I like the room temperature method but beeswax is hard to melt that way. So I kept the lye-oil mixture over a very...
  7. K

    Rebatch Beeswax Soap

    Hi all! I'm a new soapmaker and tried my hand at a beeswax recipe and ran into a little trouble. The batch of soap is sitting at about 24 hours. It set up but when I cut it I can see that the lye hasn't all saponafied. There are a few small pots of straight up crystals, and you can see swirls...
  8. J

    Where to source Organic Beeswax?

    I'm looking for organic unbleached filtered beeswax that smells like honey. Anyone know where to get it at a reasonable price? Thanks!!
  9. R

    Beeswax soapers...thoughts on candelilla wax..?

    I have a bunch of candelilla wax and recently saw it can add firmness to my soap. Beeswax is a bit more common in soaps than candelilla, and I'm wondering if any beeswax users have tried candelilla? Did you like it in your soaps? I have a few HP crocks coming up I will try candililla at...
  10. J

    Lets talk about Vitamin E Oil!

    I'm looking to make a 2 oz salve. The main ingredients are 8 parts coconut oil to 1 part beeswax. I am trying to figure out how much vitamin E oil to add. When I find info on Vitamin E oil, the never specify the IU's. I think I want to use 70,000 IU's because I want as little filler from the...
  11. T

    Air Pockets in Wax and Splitting/Canyon Formation

    I am Making a Beeswax candle for my family and friends and i am using a standard square like Jar but i have run into a serious problem! The candle does not burn properly and it looks terrible from the above perspective where you light it. There is a huge crack see image below along the sides of...
  12. C

    Bees wax Candles First Timer

    Hello, I am a beekeeper and would like to start making candles to sell. I was wondering if I could get some input on the following product. Thanks a lot!
  13. R

    Castile type soap with Hemp & castor - need suggestions.

    I want to make a Castile soap (which needs a min of 72% Olive Oil) and I also want to add Hemp Oil b/c I have some to get rid of and I think I might have some friends who would particularly enjoy the hemp/olive oil combo (castor is not really a factor...). The reason I am trying the hemp is...
  14. M

    Unfilitered Beeswax for Candle Making

    Hello, I've been making beeswax candles for a while, but I have always bought filtered beeswax from one specific seller on Etsy. I have gotten very used to the process and for the most part, it goes smoothly every time. I usually only make 5 or 6 candles a week and sell them to locals in my...