Bitter Creek is closing end of July :(

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Jan 20, 2018
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not for FB to know
Email that I just got. SO very sad :( :( :( They have one of the best prices for Great FO's
After over 25 years in business, I have decided to retire and sell Bitter Creek.

I will move on having met so many great friends, customers, vendors, and employees over the years and I couldn’t have imagined doing anything else.

July 31st will be the last day to place new orders and our last shipping day will be August 2nd.

After August 2nd the phones will not be answered and the only email that will be monitored is [email protected]

We will keep you updated of any changes and where you will be able to get our products in the future.

Thank you again for 25 years of your trust in us and our products.


Rich Hansen President / C.E.O Bitter Creek Candle Supply, Inc."

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