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As you all know.. Southern California is having alot of fires.

Irena - Soapbuddy house is in the middle of it as I believe.
She has been gone for two days, which was not normal. I spoke to Rose, and she informed me about the fires.
I checked her site and called her, and she has evacuated her home and is safe in Long Beach with her daughter.

Please everyone.. some of our fellow soapers from other boards are affected by these Southern California fires. Please pray for all of them to be safe.. light a candle... etc..

Johanna from Soap Silly has evacuated as well..

I am praying for all of their safety.
Shannan you said Irena evacuated her home and is with her daughter? She lives in Rancho Mirage, CA. I had not heard anything about Rancho Mirage, CA and the fires. Did the fire cross the mountains and head for the desert? That is too bad. :?

Paul.... :wink:
She's in it somewhere since she evacuated. Im not in Southern California. Im in Northern California so Im not sure where all the cities are.

But I am just happy she is ok, and out oh harms way.
I heard that Magic Mountain (theme park) aka Wally World, where they filmed "family vacation", is right in the path of the fire. That is too bad
Hi everyone,
I just got back home. I only got about 4 hrs of sleep, so please forgive my ramblings. My house is safe, but I can't say the same things for my in-laws in Rancho Bernardo. They had to evacuate. So we went to help out.
I was also at my daughter's in Long Beach, so we could get some sleep.

Please say some prayers for my in-laws. They put all their money into this house, as this was their retirement.


smellitlikeitis thank you for your phone call. It was very much appreciated. :D

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