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  1. A

    HELP with shampoo

    Hi! I need some help please! I need to find or make a shampoo for my partner. Dermatologist said he has seborreic dermatitis, but none of the shampoos prescrived help, and he's starting to loose hair due to this. They are very itchy, and they get all dry. Does anyone know what this actually is...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Mold & yeast preservatives for hair shampoo syndet bars

    I am experimenting with making my own syndet hair shampoo bars and came across advice to use a 'preservative booster or co-preservative' along with PhenoxyEthanol (PhE) because PhE is weak at combatting mold and yeast. I feel particularly motivated to look into this because of my extremely high...
  3. Blufuz

    Single-Use Soaps

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share my latest soap that I finally tested: single use travel soaps! These are technically “shampoo soap”, which I understand is not actually great for your hair, but I figured for a few days while traveling it’s better than nothing. I also heard that shampoo soap...
  4. kathrynmara08

    Stephenson Shampoo Bar

    Hi everyone! I just made a shampoo bar using Stephenson Syndapore melt and pour, plus 10 percent Shea butter, and 2 percent coconut oil. It looks nice, but I'm not getting any lather at all. Does anyone have any advice or know what I may have done wrong? Thanks!! Kathryn
  5. Mobjack Bay

    Colorant questions for shampoo and conditioner bars

    I’m trying to decide if I should buy new colorants for coloring the shampoo and conditioner bar bases I’m experimenting with. I’ve seen shampoo bars with micas and oxides which is what I used for my first round of testing. Getting the oxides evenly dispersed was a little bit of a challenge, but...
  6. M

    Making shampoo & conditioners

    Hey, everyone!! I was wondering if anyone make shampoo and conditioner? This is something that I'm hitting a wall with like everytime. I've made liquid soap but how do I go about making shampoo?? Conditioner?? What do I add to make it gentle on your scalp? My hair is very brittle right because...
  7. Stuart Graham

    M&P base for shampoo bar issues

    Hi, I have been using Stephensons SS base from some time now and though it doesn't makes so much foam, it does work for me, but I've had some issues with some bars: After taking out of the mold, I usually store them in a plastic box, and many stay there some days on good conditions. But some...
  8. C

    melt and pour shampoo bars, which oils to use?

    Hi! I'd like to make melt and pour shampoo bars but I'm having a hard time understanding which oils I can use. I have: coconut oil sweet almond oil avocado oil olive oil grapeseed oil jojoba oil I usually use clear glycerin soap base or aloe vera base. I would love any tips or suggestions for...
  9. maria_merry

    Dog soap for shiny coat

    I made dog shampoo soap (cold proccess), and after trying the results were a bit different from what's expected: during washing you feel that the hair is getting very dull/dry touch, and after washing the coat looked rather dull and dry and matted. It seemed the soap took out all the natural...
  10. A

    Hi and shampoo bar that doesn't need a rinse!

    Hellooooo hi hey! I've been making soap for about 10 years since I became really allergic to Palm oil and perfume. I love it! But am also only making very basic stuff. Can someone point me in the direction of, or advise me, on how to make a shampoo bar that doesn't need a vinegar rinse...
  11. HLN80

    Need help with formula for shampoo bar

    Hi! Me and my daughter have thick and average hair, not oily or dry, and I want to make shampoo bars for us.i have coconut oil, lard, shea butter and castor oil, may I ask what percentages of each would be good? Oh and I’m using goats milk instead of water
  12. Trenna

    Shampoo bars

    So I have read through most of the shampoo bar threads. I found that I hadn’t run across a single one that mentions the Opus Shampoo Bar. I have REALLY hard water at my house so I have to do a baking soda rinse before I wash but honestly, aside from that I absolutely love this recipe. I thought...
  13. cmzaha

    Coloring Solid Shampoo

    While surfing around the internet for shampoo bars syndet or lye based, I have noticed something interesting. Which is, many are colored quite heavily with all different colors This made me wonder if anyone knows the point of heavy color in shampoo? So here is a short explanation. Purple and...
  14. A

    Cold process shampoo bars for thick hair

    I am a newbie to soap-making, but I am delighted with my first shampoo bar. It lathers well, and gives lots of volume as well as seeming to be quite conditioning, but a few of my friends with very thick hair found it gave too much volume, and don't want to keep using it (and, as a result, some...
  15. C0hrisLynn

    Help making a Shampoo Bar?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and loving it! I'm making soap again, to sell and save some money to start a legit little local and online shop/business. Plus I really love using my own handmade items (and others I've bought from some great soapers!). Well I have had a few friends asking about...
  16. M

    How much superfat for a higher percentage coconut oil shampoo bar?

    I am attempting to make my own shampoo bar (have not had good success with this in the past) based on a shampoo bar I bought and really liked. The two main oils are coconut and sunflower. All other oils are listed after the sodium hydroxide on the label. I think I would like to add lard to my...
  17. N

    Newbie alert!! Dr bronners diy for shampoo??? Help I'm so confused

    Hi, I'm new to soap making and I'm really confused whats the best way to make liquid soap for shampoo? I'm told the bars don't work as good! In just changing from store bought shampoo as I'm having alot of hair loss! Of seem the Dr bronners and wanted to make my own? Does anyone have a basic...
  18. S

    Soaping with unknown oil

    Hi, I'm from Bangalore India, and recently had a chance to visit a rural oil mill where they produce cold pressed castor oil. I was shown another oil that the local villagers and tribals supposedly use in soapmaking and is also supposed to be great for the hair. It's made from the seeds of the...
  19. CMars

    Want to buy shampoo bar by Canadian soapmaker

    Hi, I've been trying to find a good shampoo bar. I've never used any solid shampoos other than my own but I'm not happy with the recipe yet. I would like to try something that's tried and true so to speak just to see what a good quality shampoo bar is like. I'd prefer to buy Canadian if...
  20. aprice522

    Tweaking my shampoo soap- looking for additives of value

    A while back I made three different recipes and have been using them for about two weeks. I made the original Genny formula, variation with 2% CO, and a version with 5% co. Sf at 5 I used sugar in all but the original, but that was completely by accident! I have found that they are all very...