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  1. R

    Questions about Liquid Soap

    Hi all! Some questions about liquid soap. I'm coming from a cold process solid soap background. 1.) Previous threads on this forum suggest dual/hybrid lye does not really have an effect on the final thickness of liquid soap. However, in this YouTube video, the soapmaker uses dual/hybrid lye...
  2. S

    HELP URGENT!! Liquid soap problem and it’s “cooking” now!!

    Oh boy I made a big mistake!! I am an experienced soap maker both bar and liquid. I was too lazy to print the recipe for my soap (made a little adjustment) so i made the recipe on my phone on soapee. Measured my fat and water correctly but my iPhone removed the recipe result when you wait too...
  3. S

    Beginner Making Liquid Soap

    Hi! I thought this would be a fun project but am realizing I'm in over my head! I'm looking for some recommendations on a liquid soap recipe. I don't have much for quantities, just general ingredients that I'm trying to put into a recipe format. Aloe vera juice Coconut oil Postassium Hydroxide...
  4. K

    Wool wash for knits help

    Hi all! I'm new to soap making and am looking for a soap recipe to solve a specific problem. I'm an avid knitter and want to be able to make my own liquid wool wash for my knits. Traditional wool wash recipes use methylated spirits, which I'd prefer to avoid, and don't include any lanolin. I've...
  5. S

    My liquid soap separated!!

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum but not new to soap making. I make soaps based on animal fats, I always use the HP method because I like the authentic feel and look of it. So last month I tried to make my first liquid tallow soap. Pure tallow, no oils. I noticed that after a few days the...
  6. A

    Liquid Soap Separating During Cook

    Hi there! I am desperate for some insight... I have made liquid soap several times from existing recipes and they've usually turned out beautiful. I am hoping to make my own recipe so I did some research and made a recipe I am almost certain is sound but it keeps separating during the cook...
  7. S

    Liquid shampoo

    Hello, I am looking for someone who is experienced with shampoo making. How is it that a soap company can make shampoo that doesn't have a very cleansing feeling with just these ingredients in the pcicture? It's a very nice feeling shampoo but everyone also says you need surfactants for...
  8. M

    Liquid soap with Myristic, Lauric and Palmitic Acid with Potassium Lye

    I need help with making liquid soap with palmitic, myristic and lauric acids. What oils should I use? I am new to soap making. Can anyone please guide and help me how to go about it. I will be much thankful to you.
  9. S

    Liquid soap is not...liquid

    Hello! I made my first batch if liquid soap a few weeks ago, and decided to do it again because it turned out so well. I used for my recipe calculations, but I got distracted and made several mistakes. Recipe 11.21oz distilled water NaOH 1.68 oz KOH 3.93 OZ Lard 37.27...
  10. I

    Citric acid too much?

    Hi, I am a newcomer here so best regards to all of you soapmakers. So, recently I made a surfactant-based (decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, SMCT, cocamidopropyl betaine) liquid hand soap and after a few experiments, I tried one with an addition of 1% diluted citric acid (1 part water : 2...
  11. B

    Making soap paste with coffee

    I have recently made a great soap paste with goat milk where the goat milk is chilled and added at trace. I saw a thread where someone asked about coffee in the paste and diluting with coffee as well but I want to know about just making the paste with coffee and diluting with just water or a...
  12. JenBen

    When to scent LS

    Hello, After a few disasters, I made an olive oil liquid soap that I like. I experimented with EO’s during the dilution process and only peppermint seemed noticeable. Can everyone please chime in with when in the process to scent LS? I don’t have a strong feeling about FO vs. EO but please...
  13. melinda48

    Suds - or lack thereof

    I successfully produced my first batch of liquid soap using this recipe: 70% Olive Oil 20% Coconut Oil, 10% Castor Oil 14 oz. Olive Oil 4 oz. Coconut Oil 2 oz. Castor Oil 4 oz. Glycerin (subtracted from the initial water amount - helps speed up the process of getting to the cooking stage). 8...
  14. S

    Liquid soap

    Hi, I’m trying to make my first batch of liquid soap and I have cooked itfor several hours. The mixture has become amber colored and translucent, however it has not thickened. Does anyone know if that will be a problem and if so, does it require more lye to thicken into a tougher paste? Thanks...
  15. C

    Favorite liquid soap vanished overnight

    I've been using a liquid soap for showers/face formulated for extremely sensitive skin. The soapmaker has disappeared. I want to make something that's as much like the original as possible. I'm not going to be selling it. So I have no idea what amounts to use when a quart would last me for a...
  16. Anstarx

    Liquid soap without crockpot/heating?

    I've made a post about my first adventure with LS long time ago and that batch didn't run out until today, meaning I need to make a second batch. Last time I used the common crockpot method but my SB end up scratching the coating in my crockpot so badly that I don't want to do that any more...
  17. JillJ

    Neutralizing Liquid Soap - qts from a beginner

    Hello All, I've recently made my first batch of liquid soap following the paste method in Jackie Thompson's Liquid Soapmaking book using recipe #7 60% coconut oil soap with olive & castor oils. I've run across a couple of things that I found confusing and hope that one of you experts will be...
  18. Emily4028

    Liquid soap thinning as it sits over time

    Hi all, After diluting the paste into water (about a 3:1 ratio, water: paste), my liquid soap becomes a nice gelatinous texture. However, after I put it in the bottle and let it sit out for ~1 week or a few days, I notice it seems to become very watery and loses that full-bodied, gelatinous...
  19. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Borax vs 'Borate Decahydrate'

    I want to dilute and neutralize excess potassium hydroxide from liquid soap paste but can not currently access citric acid or 'borax' in my current location. People only sell a white substance labelled "Bórax Decahidratado" [or Borax Decahydrate in English]. Its ingredient list says: 99.9%...
  20. Garden Gives Me Joy

    How does molasses affect the lather of (liquid) soap.

    Having had an endless supply of molasses, I made a 'molasses' liquid soap. BTW, I am also a newbie at liquid soap (and used palm kernel oil / PKO for the first time). When the batter had already passed trace and could maintain peaks, I added the molasses at a whopping rate of 52% (out of 120%)...