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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    New (Botanical) Vegan Soaps Girl

    Hello all, I have been an amateur soaper for a a few years and loving it! Although I dabble mostly in hot and cold processed bar soaps. my repertoire also includes just a few adventures with cream and liquid soaps. As my username might suggest, my adventures often involve botanicals, mostly...
  2. L

    Questions about dilution

    Hi there! Hope all of you are having a great time! :) I'm ready to try my 3rd try for liquid soap (90% OO - 10% CO, 25% lye, 1% superfat). My first attempt was the cooking method, diluted a bit at a time until i ended up with a great clear and honey thick consistency LS. I was thrilled for the...
  3. C

    Liquid bar soap

    Is it possible to make transparent bar soap using KOH? I mean like, there's some people that makes this succesfully and teach class with it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Anstarx

    Did my first batch of liquid soap. Not sure if it come out right?

    Warning for lengthy post. I decided to try my hands at liquid soap since I just bought a cheap crockpot to make soup. I read some articles about making liquid soap and figured it doesn't look too different from bar soap, just use different lye and need heat so I throw coconut oil into the...
  5. Amonik

    Canola liquid soap for housecleaning?

    I want a soap to use for housecleaning, and the idea was to use 100% canola/rapeseed to keep it local-ish. However, that gave me a ”cleansing” value of 0, so I added some coconut. This is my recipe: My plan is to follow the method DeeAnna describes in this thread...
  6. L

    KOH purity

    Hi! I'm a beginner soapmaker and I'm interested in making liquid soap. The KOH lye I want to use is according to the manufacturer 90-100% pure. That's a 10% difference.. So I'm not sure what percentage to put in the soap calculator? What will happen if I put a too low percentage? What will...
  7. Michelle Anugrah

    Help, how do I deal with my liquid soap separation?

    I've been making liquid soap with avocado, castor, coconut, olive, ricebran and sunflower, superfatting with 5 % cocoa butter, 20% of the water is replaced with glycerine. On some days, my soap came out okay, clear with no cloudyness or separations. But on some days, it separates into two...
  8. F

    KOH accuracy in liquid bases with multiple fats

    Hi everyone! This is my first post to the forum and I'm very happy to share company with many veteran soap makers. I am a complete novice (I've made four batches of mild liquid soap in the last two months) and new to this space, so PLEASE forgive my ignorance as I build a working knowledge of...
  9. W

    Lye calc confusion for Liquid Soap

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here and I have tried out a few CP, HP, solid and liquid soaps. Now I'm ready to share with friends and family and maybe sell eventually. :):):) I am forever confused with Lye calculators since each gives a different result. I'm trying to make a small...
  10. Meena

    First Liquid Soap - All the disparity has me confused!

    I have wanted to make LS for about 3 weeks now, and would like to get this done today. I have a VERY small window of time left (about 4 hours) to do it today, though, and realized that I am "hopelessly mired" in all the conflicting information I've read. Here's a small sample, in the interests...
  11. ohioguysoaper

    Correcting pH after sequestering

    Hi, soapers! This is my first post here on SopMakingForum and I'm excited to become part of this community. For the last eight months or so, I've been doing bar soap with great success and just ventured into liquid hand soap. The liquid world is much more finnicky as I'm sure you're all aware...
  12. S

    Oat and honey liquid soap

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make an oatmeal honey liquid soap for my 13 month old son that has sensitive skin. I'm at a loss of when or how to incorporate the oats and honey when making the soap. Also what oils would be best to use? I appreciate any help. Thank you!
  13. F

    What happened to my hot process liquid soap paste?

    Hey everyone, I a new here and new to soapmaking. I wasn't sure whether to post here or in the beginners forum but it seemed more related to liquid soap than beginners issues. Anyway... I have only made one batch of castile liquid soap which took ages to trace and saponify but eventually it...
  14. Lankan

    Citrates : The Chemistry behind..

    I've read about ions of sodium & potassium Citrates improving the soap by reducing the soap scum by binding up the metal ions, thus act as a clelating agent. the above article by DeeAnna provides simplified approach to use of Cirtates in the soaps...
  15. Sar

    CP soap scraps into liquid soap without heating

    Hello, everyone! I supply wholesale CP soaps and have a lot of scraps and rejected bars which we recycle by grating/ cutting and then letting it sit in a bit of water for 48 hours, occasionally stirring. We usually eyeball the soap to water ratio - the water just about covers the soap bits...
  16. D

    Liquid Soap lather question

    I am still very new to making liquid soap and am hoping that i can get some help with a lather question. I am a experienced hot process soap maker but only recently delved into making natural liquid soap. I use the gls method for this recipe (700g olive oil, 200g coconut oil, 100g castor oil...
  17. KimT2au

    Super fatting liquid soap

    Hi all, I am afraid this question shows my ignorance and lack of experience, but... is it possible to superfat a liquid soap? I thought the superfat were the oils that hadn't been turned to soap and therefore added a moisturising effect. I also thought that oils in liquid soap that had not...
  18. poramor

    fixing lye heavy liquid soap

    Hi, I´m new to liquid soap making and would like some help, I made a couple of batches of castille soap, following a recipe and did very well but this last soap I experimented and apparently have too much lye in the formula. I cooked the ingredients, got to the stage of clarity test and, since...
  19. S

    Liquid Goats Milk Soap - Help

    Hello I am new to this forum so it is taking me some time to figure out how it works. I am having a little trouble with my Liquid soap making. So my recipe is 20% Coconut oil(100g), 10% Castor oil (50g) 70% Olive oil (350g). These are then melted slowly. While they are melting I am...
  20. Lamanchagirl

    Liquid goats milk soap recipe?!?!.! Anyone

    I have been searching for a liquid goat's milk soap recipe for several days now and I can't seem to find one can anybody share one they might have it would be greatly appreciated. Between taking care of the goats and the Heat I am worn out I can barely see the computer to post this thread again...