Liquid soap thinning as it sits over time

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Nov 13, 2019
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Hi all,

After diluting the paste into water (about a 3:1 ratio, water: paste), my liquid soap becomes a nice gelatinous texture. However, after I put it in the bottle and let it sit out for ~1 week or a few days, I notice it seems to become very watery and loses that full-bodied, gelatinous feeling. Why is this happening?

Let me know what details you need from me to help figure it out. I'm new to liquid soap.

Thanks, all!
What is the recipe for the soap? Weights for all ingredients please.

Also -- are you using a fragrance in the soap? If so, have you compared the diluted soap with fragrance to the same soap without fragrance?
70% sweet almond oil, 30% hemp oil

I am using fragrance and adding it with the dilution water. Should I add it to the paste? Would that help? I haven't done that comparison but it seems like it would be helpful.

Interestingly..after I posted this thread I did some research and found that salt should thicken soap. I added salt dissolved in warm water and it thickened the soap up really nicely. Left it overnight, and now I see that it's fallen flat again - back to watery.
Please post your entire recipe in weights. Including salt, water, KOH, fragrance, thickeners, etc. We can't possibly begin to help without that information. Also, that is way too much water unless you are using foamer bottles.
What Susie said. Please.

"...I haven't done that comparison [with and without fragrance] but it seems like it would be helpful..."

Yes, that would really, really be a good thing to know.

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