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Feb 18, 2007
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I want to make my own wool wash because I use cloth diapers and some of the diaper covers I have are made of wool. Anyway, I found this recipe, but I want to make my own soap bar from scratch and this recipe calls for soap flakes... can I just make a basic soap and add the other ingredients? I've never ever made soap before but I really really want to!

Washing Woollens

Pure Soap Flakes ½ packet (300gm)
Methylated Spirits 1 cup (200ml)
Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil 50mL

Mix methylated spirits with soap flakes. Add eucalyptus oil and stir.
Store in wide necked screw capped jar (large coffee).

Also I want to make it about 30% lanolin... can I just add a bunch of lanolin or will that screw things up?
I am really interested in this too. I would love to find a cold process recipe with 30% lanolin for my wool. This soap is just fabulous for dry cracking hands too. I am tired of paying $5-6 a bar for something I could make myself.
Go To


and create your receipe.

Buy your oils and other necessary ingredients and make your own.

But why do you need a special wash (soap) for wool?
The dryer shrinks it so you need to air dry, but why do you need something special to wash it. Guess I've always used my regular laundry soap with wool.

I had to look up to see what Methylated Spirits was, and OMG.....
I don't believe I would be using THAT to wash my child's nappies in.

In the USA it's also called denatured alcohol which is poisonous and flamable and toxic substance.

But each to his/her own. Just cause Grandma did it doesn't make it safe is my personal belief.
You need a special wool wash because regular detergents "eat" the wool and create holes and thinner fibres. A wool sweater will last a LOT less time if you wash it with regular laundry detergent.
I did some research on the net looking under 'how to wash wool' and several sites suggested dry clean only, and others said....

"Using such products as ammonia, enzyme digestants, alcohol, harsh alkaline cleaners and chlorine bleach can damage wool garments."

And others say that using a "mild detergent".

Then I looked up "how to wash wool wool diaper soakers"
And most say to use a gentle wash, or a wool wash made of water, lanolin and baby wash.

However as a parent, I would be deeply concerned about using such a toxic product that won't be rinsed out or just rinsed out. Leaving that chemical left on the product. And in my eyes it would be a safety concern and a health concern after reading the hasmat sheet on denatured alcohol. And the dangers of skin contact for long periods of time and short periods of time.

So if a parent chooses to use wool diapers and soakers they should decide for themselves the safety of the product they use to clean them.

And just because it's the old way, and because that's what Grandma used does NOT make it safe, when there may be new research to find better ways to cleaning wool.

just my 2 cents
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