Super FAt (SF) % in Ivory Bar Soap

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Oct 26, 2023
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Roanoke VA
Does anyone know the SF% in Ivory bar soap?

Reason I'm asking is that before I started making my own soap, I ground up ivory bars with some washing soda so it could be be done in a blender.

I now know the SF in Ivory is too high to make good laundry soap.

I'm thinking I can take my jug of dry ground up soap/soda & melt it down, add some lye to offset the SF and make laundry soap.

I hate to waste ANYTHING so I really don't want to toss the big amount of soap I have blended up.

If I ended up with lye heavy soap, would it hurt the washer? Could I neutralize it with something like vinegar ...

A fools errand most likely, but curious to know if anyone has any thoughts about this (other than, just toss it out and move one <-- that one I can come up with on my own LOL)


p.s. after reading over my post, I realize that I really don't want to risk my $$$$ brand new speed queen washer with $ worth of soap LOL ... but still curious what the great minds here think of the idea ... love to learn!

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