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  1. A

    Questions on rebatch soap

    Hello all! My first post to this forum; I have been regularly prowling about it for the past 2 weeks and I love how helpful everyone is. 😊 Hope you can help a newbie like me with some questions. So my favorite types of scents are bright, light, citrsy/floral types, very much "top note" heavy...
  2. Kosmerta

    Lumpy Oat milk lye solution

    6 weeks ago before I found this forum I tried making soap with oat milk as a water replacement. This was the first time I ever used a non water liquid in my soap making. I made oat milk at home by blending 1/4 cup plain steel cut oats with 1 cup distilled water, then I allowed it to sit for 1...
  3. KimT2au

    Will something I saw in th hp forum work for liquid soap?

    Hi all I was reading through a thread for hp soap and they were talking about adding sugar for increased bubbles and yoghurt for it's other qualities. Given that liquid soap uses KOH rather than lye do you think the addition of sugar would have the same outcome. I was also considering adding...