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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Rice Milk in Bastile Soap @ 10 months

    Here is the image of a 10-month old test soap I made for experimentation purposes using my Bastile recipe along with what I call my 'condensed' rice milk. No smell of rancidity, not even faint. While no mold growing on the soap, the place where one corner touched the container has a dark outline...
  2. R

    Table Sugar to Increase Lather and Bubbles?

    Have any of you ever used regular granulated sugar to increase the lather and bubbles in a soap recipe? If so, did it work well? I like old-fashioned, 100% lard soap, but want to add a little extra to the lather and bubbles without adding other oils or expensive additives.
  3. Kcryss

    Salt, Sugar, Stearic Acid and ACV

    I've been watching a lot of video's lately hoping to learn what I might be doing wrong etc. I've been watching Valerie Mosher a lot and noticed that she adds sugar and salt to the lye water at the beginning of her batch, then adds sugar, maple syrup and ACV at the end after the cook. Why does...
  4. K

    Sugars for cp soap

    Does anyone know if there is a chart somewhere, or is it just experience, on best addition for increasing lather (Bubbly)? Beer, aloe juice, plain sugar, powdered sugar, corn syrup, cane sugar, beet sugar—others? What seems to work best? Can maple syrup be used? Is it the same for cp and mp...
  5. KimT2au

    Will something I saw in th hp forum work for liquid soap?

    Hi all I was reading through a thread for hp soap and they were talking about adding sugar for increased bubbles and yoghurt for it's other qualities. Given that liquid soap uses KOH rather than lye do you think the addition of sugar would have the same outcome. I was also considering adding...
  6. A

    scentworks Fragrance oils FO scent works

    After a long hiatus from soaping I have discovered. The scent works is no longer open for business. Thank God I have 2 pounds of Tonic! I am devastated!! More than my line carried SW FO. I did find out from the owners Facebook that her business and FO line are for sale. Somebody buy it already...
  7. R

    Suggestions for scrub bars

    I've tried twice to make a bar with a sugar scrub component, but it seems the sugar melts. I've tried melt and pour with olive oil base and with goat milk base. Last time I added a lot of sugar and waited til soap was already thickening and same result: no sugar granules.Any suggestions?
  8. J

    for hot process, when to add salt, sugar, milk?

    I plan to make hot process soaps mostly, so I can add my EO and superfats after the saponification has finished so they retain their scent/properties better. More work, and sadly, very limited design options. But I care more about the quality and use of the final bar than how pretty it looks...
  9. MatthewDM

    Adding Sugar for Lather

    I heard that adding sugar to the liquid mixture before adding the lye is a good way of increasing bubble in the lather. My question is, what type of sugar can be used? Can raw cane sugar be used?
  10. R

    Sugar & salt in soap - what type & when or where to add

    I've seen a few threads about adding sugar and salt to soap. For those who don't know sugar is supposed to make for better lather and salt is supposed to help harden the bar. What I would like to know is what you add, when you add it, what mix you add it in and what ingredient you use. My...
  11. M

    Emulsified Scrubs or Regular Scrubs?

    I have an upcoming conference in a few months a friend who is hosting the conference asked me to set up a table as vendor to sell some of my body scrubs. Well, I figured this would be a good opportunity to share my crafts and make some sales. I'm just a little confused on which scrub should I...
  12. inkyfingers

    Sweet mistake. Can I fix this?

    I made soap a few days ago, adding some sugar to boost bubbles. Usually, I use honey because it seems a lot more wholesome to me - but just this once, I thought I'd be really cool and use sugar. And then the next day, I used some of the crumbs for washing my hands. Wow, so gritty! And now my...
  13. Preyanka

    Emulsified Soap Scrub/Palm-free emulsifier

    Does anyone have a recipe for a scrubby cleanser that cleans, exfoliates, and leaves the skin slightly oily, like a sugar scrub? Also, the only TRULY palm oil-free e-wax I've found is Glyceryl Stearate Citrate. Has anyone tried this? Thanks in advance for your advice and expertise:)
  14. P

    So now I know what Ricing is

    My CP batch just riced. I blended it to a light trace and threw it in the mold. Now there is oil standing on the surface. Can I save it, or do I just watch and see if it will set up? Thanks! Oh yea, from Sugar....thought if I wasn't using milk then I should be ok...NOT
  15. boyago

    Buttermilk Honey soap. Will it get too hot?

    So I put together this recipe and was curious if the sugars in the milk and honey would be too much and become disasterous. Any advice on calculating sugars or getting a feel for too much would appreciated. My recipe for a two pound batch is as follows: Olive Oil 20.8oz or 589.67g...
  16. H

    When to use VitE for an antioxidant

    Hi,:problem: I was wondering how to know when you need to use Vit E for an antioxidant in M&P. Most recipes I've found don't use it but some do. I was also wondering if you need it if you put sugar in your soap. Thanks! Heather