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Ok. Wine soap Take #2

Wine Brand
Beringer 2005 White Zinfandel

Recipe Consists of
Coconut, Olive, Hydo. Soybean Oil

33% Lye Concentration
5ozs of Distilled Water
3.6ozs Wiine

Superfat with Rice Bran Oil
Cybilla's Orange Spice
BB Fresh Bakes Bread
Tony's Evening Mocha
Soap Salon Milk & Honey
Soap Salon Hawaiian Banana

These are all "little bit of this and that" left overs, and samples
I am cleaning out the soap area :wink:

Boiled the wine to simmer. 10mins.
Now is in the fridge cooling

Lye cooling down now too..

Stay tuned!

I dropped all the temps to 80 degrees

Lye/water 80
Wine 80
Oils 80

I hand stirred in the wine..
nothing happened :shock:

I added the fo's and superfat oils...

I stickblended for a second.. noticed it thickend quick

So.. I handstirred the whole time

And guess what..

Its actually smells nice, and is in the mold.. Success!

I think I would have had more time with using the full amount of water!

Ummm doesnt smell like wine at all.
I guess because I added the fo's to it.

Discoloration: I may get some from one of the fo's we will see.

I have more wine left. I am going to use the full amount of water/wine

with no fo's or coloring and see if the scent comes out at all

I think I am going to purchase some wine fo's if I get the hang of this.

I will give an update this evening and tomorrow on the looks etc.
I swear, you wear me out just reading all the soaps you make. lol. Good job, look forward to hearing how the rest of the process comes out. k
benefits.. I will have to research that..

Right now, I know its a trend going on with the wines..

It may just be a "additive"
Just wondering if the tanins(sp??) would be good from the reds. Very interesting. I love how you think and your willingness to just try different things out. AND OF COURSE....there is nothing like a good bottle of wine :wink: well.....maybe a good bottle of wine with an equally good dark chocolate! YUM! k
If anything, I would think it would have label appeal. Hey Smell, you can approach some of the wineries that are in your general vicinity and maybe they would be willing to sell your soaps. I think the concept is just fabulous and if visiting a winery and I were to see some fine handcrafted soaps with wine, you better bet I'd buy some. 8)
CP, that was my thoughts also. Reading this thread and another one recently, has me wondering about the many Missouri wineries and even the local stores that specialize in wine. I've got to try this now. I'm really excited to see what trouble I can get into. :lol: There is a new Western Store in town selling a Missouri wins with their branding on it. They have tastings while shopping for western wear. I'm thinking of private label CP soap with a wine as a liquid and a good wine scent. Hummmmmmm..... :idea:

Paul... :wink:
It has went thru the gel stage fine. Actually I can kinda smell the wine in it after all!

Will check back this evening.. this is so fun!
Sounds great! :D I'm still a little confused on what you did with the wine. Did you make a wine/water/lye solution or did you add wine at trace? Are you going to post pics. I think the concept is quite facinating.
I added the wine at a very light trace, then I added the super fat oils and fragrance.

Camera is broken! LOL

Gotta get it fixed!
This is cheap wine. Like 2.99 - 5.00 LOL
Although I didnt buy this one.. it was given to me.. They know I dont drink alot. it was going to be sitting anyway.

Ok. its 11:00pm PST.
The soap came out the mold nicely. It turned a orange like hew color. I think its from the orange spice scent i through in there, because that is mostly what I smell...

I think it will be nice with wine scents...

I want someone else to try this.. for a second opinion
That is so cool! What a great idea for marketing! Offer up some soap to the winery, made with their wine for them to sell. I am sure they would love it.

You could even use white/red clay for coloring.
This sounds like it could be a new trend. Please keep us posted on how it goes. Smelli my camera broke two days ago too. I feel for you.
I think this is SUCH a neat idea!! Why do you boil the wine? To remove the alcohol from it? I have bottles and bottles of homemade Chianti sitting in my basement....and I'm pregnant so it does me a whole lot of good! I can definately put it to better use that just getting dusty!

I'm going to give this one a try before baby arrives...sounds like fun!!