Which fragrance would be closest to Olay's White Strawberry (ISO)

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Autumn O.

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Jul 29, 2018
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So i'm obsessed with olay's white strawberry and mint soaps, but I'd rather just make my own since it's drying to me, plus I want to make things besides soap with a similar fragrance. If anyone knows what i'm talking about it's like that sweet, artificial 90's strawberry scent you'd see in a lot of old kid's stuff. It's exactly like the stylin' strawberry fragrance bath and body works had years back in their glittery stuff for girls. I know there's a lot of strawberry oils on the market but I don't want a realistic smelling strawberry fragrance, if that makes sense. Anyone know any suggestions?
Have you checked the review chart yet? I’m not a strawberry kind of girl but there should be a few reviews to give you an idea where to look
When I'm looking for a particular fragrance, I go to fragrance supplier websites and search. When I find something promising, I read the reviews. There are a lot of dupes out there and others that just happen to smell the same as a brand-named scent. You won't really know until you try some yourself, though. Everyone's nose is different. I did find a strawberry mint FO at bulk apothecary: https://www.bulkapothecary.com/prod...agrance-flavor/flavor/strawberry-mint-flavor/

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