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Some of my favorite and best selling scents have been discontinued recently.

CandleScience - Pomegranate Bitters (just got a trial of Rustic Escentuals' Sparkling Pomegranate Prosecco)
Bramble Berry - Salty Mariner (and Ocean Breeze)

Took advantage of the recent sales to get BB samples and CS samples, hopefully I'll find some new faves.
@Mobjack Bay I unwrapped my sample bar of Watermelon patch last night. I can smell the scent again, but it’s just so light that it makes me sad. When I shower I do like to smell my bars and smell the scent as I’m showering. I can’t smell it when I shower though.
@Mobjack Bay, I know that @dmcgee5034 has mentioned really liking BB's Watermelon Sugar several times, she probably can opine on how well it sticks as well. I went and looked at it, it is expensive at $50/15 oz, though.
I think they raised the price just to spite me LOL - it’s so yummy and last for as long as I can keep them around. Maybe I’ll set one aside next batch for a retention test. That sale might be the signal to order more, tho.
Update on a few fragrances. My friend states she can smell watermelon patch and thinks it’s great. She can also smell fresh squeezed oranges and states it’s great too! That makes me happy at least. She also said peche de vigne smells like a real peach.
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