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  1. Autumn O.

    Which fragrance would be closest to Olay's White Strawberry (ISO)

    So i'm obsessed with olay's white strawberry and mint soaps, but I'd rather just make my own since it's drying to me, plus I want to make things besides soap with a similar fragrance. If anyone knows what i'm talking about it's like that sweet, artificial 90's strawberry scent you'd see in a lot...
  2. Aline

    Bramble Berry's Island Kiss (Escada Type)

    I got a sample bottle of Bramble Berry's Island Kiss and it is absolutely gorgeous. I made it up as a perfume and all three bottles flew off the shelf in as many days. The problem is you have to buy 10 lbs of this so I am wondering if anyone else is interested in a share? (maybe BB would...