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Oct 26, 2019
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Stevenage, UK
I am new in here so Hello everyone!!

I did a great and long research about what I want to do about soapmaking up until now then made tests, created a couple of CP soaps and M&P designs succesfully at the end. (Still researching but not excessively)

I need a consultant or chemist preferably an UK based freelancer/working per hour type before applying to any CPSR for my designs.

Thanks in advance for all your recommendations.
As far as labelling, your cosmetic assessor will do that once you are ready to sell.

I vaguely remember a number of the assessors do something similar, try Scott Grainger at Cosmetic Safety Assessment or I think Superactive Cosmetics do offer help. Best best tbh us to approach a number of assessors and ask if they can help, but it won't be cheap.

You can get most of your recipe help from here or from books unless you have very specific product you are trying to make?
If you use soap kitchen for assessments you have to use their products I think, you are better going direct to Scott which is who SK uses anyway.
Yea up until now I'm happy with their products that is why I decided to use their assesments.
Anyway thanks again. I think my issues will be solved just after I apply for the assessment. I better get ready for that step :)

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