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  1. Fruity and Floral

    Where to find a soapmaking consultant

    I am new in here so Hello everyone!! I did a great and long research about what I want to do about soapmaking up until now then made tests, created a couple of CP soaps and M&P designs succesfully at the end. (Still researching but not excessively) I need a consultant or chemist preferably an...
  2. K

    Using CP and MP together

    I read the forum everyday--my newspaper! I expect to be a newbie for some years to come. I watched a video from Royalty Soaps where MP clear was poured over CP for the Mermaid Tail Soap. That gave me lots of ideas, but thought I best check here first. Can MP clear be in CP soap? Is the clear a...
  3. seven

    Lil ducks (CP + MP)

    I got a couple of samples of blood orange EO the other day, i've never used it before and so i was curious. The EO gave a nice yellow hue that I toned down a bit with TD. The duck embeds were made with my homemade MP, cut with (what else) cookie cutters. The inside embeds were made using big...