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  1. Fruity and Floral

    Where to find a soapmaking consultant

    I am new in here so Hello everyone!! I did a great and long research about what I want to do about soapmaking up until now then made tests, created a couple of CP soaps and M&P designs succesfully at the end. (Still researching but not excessively) I need a consultant or chemist preferably an...
  2. Mopie

    Beginner Soap Maker w/ Questions!

    Hello! I just took up the hobby of soap making recently with a kit, and have already ordered some supplies. Before I start making some beautiful melt and pour soap though, I have a couple of questions for you guys. First of all, I was watching some MP soap videos, and I noticed that almost...
  3. B

    A few MP questions

    Hi there everyone: ) I too, am new to the MP soap making world. I made my 3rd batch today , and finally didnt burn some of the soap ‍. I have a few burning questions that have been current soap making issues of mine. Sorry for the novel ahead, but i didnt want to make multiple posts. I really...
  4. B

    Aspiring soap maker

    Hello all! I have recently discovered soap making and I would love to learn how to do it. I have done lots of research into the craft. I have decided to start with MP just to get a general idea but would eventually like to dive into CP. I’m just looking for general tips, tricks and...
  5. ctkenyon

    Sugar glaze for MP soap?

    I saw a picture of an MP soap that looked like it had a glaze topped with coarse salt. Could I make a regular sugar glaze to pour over bars of MP soap and top it with coarse salt, or does anyone have another suggestion for something that resembles a glaze? Thank you!