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Dec 21, 2006
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Since several people want to lose weight in 2008. I was wondering what everyone's plan of attck will be.

I plan to:
Increase water
Increase fiber
Increase raw fruits & veggies
Decrease calories
Decrease sugar
Cut off eating 2 hours before going to bed (she says at 10pm as she shoves another brownie in her mouth-LOL)

I did the above 7 things last Jan/Feb/March and lost 19 pounds. I ate anythig I wanted April-Dec & gained 6 back. Last year was the first time I ever monitored my intake.
Well I am meeting with a personal trainer
I want to tone more than loose weight
Increase the water, since I hate it so **** much
And stay away from fast food, and junk food..
Walk walk walk! I did an internship at a horse farm in 2001. I was a size 12 when I started, and after a summer of working 6 days/week, minimum of 9 hours, not counting riding polo ponies after, and walking a lot of injured horses (race horse training/breeding farm), I was a size 6.

Of course, when I got back to college and started eating the nasty food, I gained weight again, but walking does work.

http://www.Babyfit.com and http://www.sparkpeople.com offer food tracking and other great tools. If you sign up for either site, please use my referral! My user name on both is jinglebell and I'll get points for it. Not that the points mean anything... but still ;)
I don't diet I just watch what I eat and walk every chance I get. My kids keep me plenty active and instead of taking the train or bus I just walk. But I will plan to stop:

Drinking soda (realistically colored soda:))
Eat more fish omegas are good for you especially if you want to loose weight
Eat less sugar
Stop smoking (it can affect weight)
play more sports with my kids and the dog
Ok so I speak with a personal trainer. This isnt a 24hrs or Family Fitness I cant stand those places, you can get lost in there :roll:

This is a private gym.

So.. he gives me the prices

1/week you will meet in a group setting on Saturday at 1pm or Sunday at 2 pm $85.00 per week

2 twice/ a week we would meet in a group one day (sat or sun, your choice) and one-on-one once a week. $125.00/week

4 days, we would meet twice privately and twice with the group.


That is alot of money!
wow you know shannon, I was going to suggest that we all become our own personal trainer. Giving each other updates (honest ones). Since we are a family on this forum lets help each other but only if we all agree to at least try. I know one on one support is better because someone is doing the thinking for you, but I think it would be kewl kinda like how weight watchers has their online weight loss program. If you need to I can help with what to cook and give you some guidelines. No dieting because I don't diet but, I watch what I eat. I cheat once a week and get mcdonalds and thats okay as long as I walk A LOT. LOL What do you guys think?
smelli, I was thinking you would have to sell a whole lotta soap to pay for a trainer.

I did start this thread in hopes we could help each other out w/ motivation & tips.
Yeah but its something i been wanting to do for some years... some one to push me on the spot to work out.. I guess I am use to it when I was doing ballet..
At the same time, I have a gym requirement to fulfill at school.. I was thinking of doing that..
I have this officer I work with.. who looks like Brad Pitt.. he works out faithfully..
I drool everytime I see him LMAO!

He has been asking me to work out with him..
talk about motivation..
Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl, is he married? Does he have the hots for you?
He is younger than me though! ****!
I swear I am going to get a picture of him and show you guys..

He flirts with me.. and I so like it..

He will come in my office with this huge smile.. and say

Hi Shannan...
I freakin blush everytime he does it.. HA!
shannon dont worry about his age ask him to help you with some pointers on how to work out properly......get it...........have him work on you.....LOL
LMAO UH HUH I GET IT :lol: :lol: :oops: :oops: :wink:

I almost drool when he wears his jeans and rides his Harley to work
*drooling while thinking about it*
I registered at sparkpeople (you got points) but I don't think I have the time to figure out a new system. I did get 32 points just wandering around aimlessly-LOL!
Ok, Tab I will join too. I also register for my kickboxing classes at school. I had to do my PE requirement anyway.. I mine as well do it now. Kickboxing can come in handy in many ways! LOL

I will speak to him about it when I go back to work. He has always asked me to go, sometimes he watches what I eat for me too...
always concerned about my well being... :oops:

Anyway, He works out everyday..
Kickboxing is on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Tues and THrs I can work out with him.. only if has time after I get off from work.. I think he goes when I am still working.. so we will see..
If not, I can still workout on a saturday..
Ok. I joined Sparkpeople..

I dreamed about Dustin last night LMAO!
Nothing like that..

I hate when I am at work in my sleep

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