Feeding your dog raw meat

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ChrissyB said:
Shannon, my cat does the same thing. I have to put anything to that out inside the microwave so he can't get to it. I've lost many many kilo's of chicken to my cat stealing it. Oh well at least he ate well that night!!

Over here, it's the same :p On Christmas morning Ramses (who is 8 pounds himself) stole our 8 pound turkey and chewed big chunks off... We didn't have anything else, so DH rinsed the turkey and our christmas dinner didn't look as good as we thought it would that night :lol:

My grandpa worked at a huge European food company till a couple of years ago. When he started to work there the things that would go into snacks were horrific and he wouldn't even touch them himself. Years later and with decent laws he enjoys those food a lot...
ChrissyB said:
My ex used to work at KFC when we were young, and he used to come home with "oh you won't believe what goes in the potato and gravy" or "don't ever eat the chicken" blah blah blah, but he still eats it to this day so it can't have been that bad.

I've worked at a million restaurants and luckily I've never seen anything that would keep me from eating at them... then again I tend to have worked at swankier places. The other day, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the veggies we get are organic. I also see a lot of tongs and gloves used.

I used to bring home sushi from work for my toothless cat, Ted (the sushi chefs would give me their scraps). I was concerned about the amount of mercury, but he was ill anyway so I figured, might as well bring some joy to him. We normally would mush the fish up for him, but when I had octopus with me he would NAIL IT! I was hilarious. Who knew?

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