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Nonna Phiz

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Nov 5, 2018
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Mart, TX
This big batch crumbled when I cut it after two days. I need to reuse. The zap seems OK. I may have been light on the oils but the main thing I did different is probably a no-no. I like the room temperature method but beeswax is hard to melt that way. So I kept the lye-oil mixture over a very low flame until the beeswax did melt. The soap developed an whitish ash look within a couple of hours after pouring in the mold. First time my soap ever failed. Does anyone have suggestions on rebatching ?
Corn Oil 480 g
Coconut Oil, 76 deg 498 g
Castor Oil 105 g
Bacon Grease rendered 201 g
Olive Oil 143 g
Beeswax 75 g
Lye 201 g
Water 571 g (diluted dandelion leaf tea)
1 T Eucalyptus EO
1/2 T Lemongrass EO
3/4 T. Lemon EO
5 g chopped lemongrass and lemon peel mix
I see the pic. It looks overcooked and too dry. Not sure why the beeswax wasn't melted before adding the lye even if doing HP. I don't think you can do anything to save it at this point short of shredding and adding to another batch.