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    Understanding crumbly soap

    Hi there, I made a batch yesterday and pour into mold almost without trace at all. However it was well emulsified. My stick blender burned out a few days ago and had to blend with a paint mixer which makes hours for tracing a cold process castille soap. Next day while unmolding, all around the...
  2. N

    Was this a NO-NO?

    This big batch crumbled when I cut it after two days. I need to reuse. The zap seems OK. I may have been light on the oils but the main thing I did different is probably a no-no. I like the room temperature method but beeswax is hard to melt that way. So I kept the lye-oil mixture over a very...
  3. M

    can the battery dying in scale effect accuracy?

    hello, two nights a go i made a facial soap with activated charcoal powder. i made 4lbs of soap and used 1 and a half tablespoons of charcoal powder. i used my handy digital kitchen scale to make sure everything was measured properly. i unmolded and cut the soap today and it seems a tad...