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  1. Michelle Meade

    Can I add fragrance to already scented soap when rebatching?

    I want to make a soap base from my soap scraps. So that I can use it in sugar scrubs, is it okay for me to put fragrance in the rebatched soap scraps that have already had fragrance in them? If so, how much should I use?
  2. O

    Can you rebatch soap by melting it with new oils?

    Hi, I made a 3lb batch of soap, which I was hoping to be able to reuse. I read that you can melt a percentage of an old batch with fresh oils to make a new batch. Has anyone tried this method? Thoughts or things I should know before I try it? Obviously you would deduct a percentage of the oils...
  3. S

    Lye Mess up, Help Plz

    Hello, amazing soap makers, I'm new to soap and have lye heavy soap. I put my recipe through a calculator, but id not notice that it was for liquid soap and not solid. Recipe i i followed thinking was for solid soap Lye 2.78oz, water 6.22oz. Oils= olive oil 5.4oz 40%, castor 0.68oz 5%, plam...
  4. Soaper987

    Rebatching to make soft shaving cream

    I tested out a new recipe and it turned out a little softer than I would have liked and I was thinking about reusing it in a soft soap shaving cream. Has anyone done anything like this before? If so how did it work out for you and how did you do it? I was thinking of melting it down with some...
  5. omdougherty

    Help rebatching three week old crumbling soap

    Hello All! I have a question about rebatching because Im very new to soapmaking and it seems im learning a lot along the way. This recipe I am trying to rebatch after three weeks was a Hot Process soap recipe with 15 oz of Oil with 40% lye solution (I mad 100% solution at first with water and...
  6. Andrejs

    Handmilling/rebatching base for gentle ingredients - is it worht it?

    Is it worth the struggle to make master batch of simple castile/bastile soap recipe, wait for lye to fully react, saponify and harden then grade it? I would rebatch soap flakes with botanicals, gentle oils and EO. Would it make advantage over HP process regarding adding superfats and other...
  7. N

    Rebatching, refined afriacan black soap.

    Hi all. I have bought some refined African black soap. (It looks like a brick) I’ve tried melting it in a broiler. No joy. I’ve microwaved it, it didn’t melt, just smoked and stank the house out. How do I melt it down so I can pour it? Ive Heard it’s hard to melt but this just seems...
  8. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Can rebatching firm / harden soap?

    Can rebatching with the following ingredients (alone or in combination) harden soft soap, with little or no additional liquid or oil? Although already 1 year old, some of my old soap is still soft to the extent that a little force can be used to eventually mash it up at room temperature with a...
  9. Peggyrae

    Rebatching Soap

    I wanted to get some input from the group about rebatching soap. I have only done it twice, the most recent batch I am working on now. I keep having the same questions running around in my head and didn't ask the last time. The recipe I used the first time was for a whipped batch where you...
  10. Kosmerta

    Is it possible to mix rebatch into cp or hp during the saponification process?

    The title says it all. As i mentioned in the essential oils forum last week, ( i ruined a batch of oils by pouring rancid EO into the mix. I did not add any lye, and the soaping oils mixed with the rancid EO are sitting in...
  11. Kcryss

    Help With Soft Soap Please

    Hi Everyone, Hoping someone can help me with this. I made my 4th batch of soap a few days ago. My first batch using lard. It got hard enough to unmold and slice within a few hrs, but still has not gotten any harder. I'm sure I did something wrong, but I have no idea what it was. I always do the...
  12. Anstarx

    Lump o' Coal for the naughty ones (rebatch)

    This soap was made following Soap Queen Tutorial. (link) I made a batch of hideous loofah soap back in September. It was made with rice bran and honey. Lather and washes well but so hideous I refused to use them. Look at these hideous bars! So I left them alone and forgot about it. Later I...
  13. Lefty

    Wrapping Soap for Donation - Suggestions Needed

    I have a lot of extra soap that I am going to be donating to a local homeless shelter. I contacted them and they said they do not need to be labeled, but they would prefer they be wrapped. I'm going to cut them into guest/hotel size bars. I'm looking for suggestions for a quick and easy way to...
  14. A

    HELP lye heavy soap

    Hi all. I have been making soap for a while now. Usually cold pressed, but some hot. I have made a batch today very very lye heavy. I was premixing 2:1 lye and added the wrong bucket to recipe. Can i save the mix? Just wondering if this batch can saponify then i divide it into new hot process...
  15. Maaki

    Rebatch success

    So this time I just wanted to share my results with rebatching soap. I really dislike the mess that rebatching usually means. I tried rebatching in crockpot, in the oven and boiling soap in a ziploc back and there was always soap all over the place and a not-so-attractive bar of soap at the end...
  16. N

    Was this a NO-NO?

    This big batch crumbled when I cut it after two days. I need to reuse. The zap seems OK. I may have been light on the oils but the main thing I did different is probably a no-no. I like the room temperature method but beeswax is hard to melt that way. So I kept the lye-oil mixture over a very...
  17. DianaMoon


    I'm thinking of rebatching my very first batch. Why not? They've only been in the molds (used 1 cup plastic containers) since Saturday night and are pretty new. I stupidly did not line them and had to chisel out one this morning. I don't care about the looks but the soap looks rather bland and...
  18. A

    Oil sitting on top of bar

    Hi All, I am new here and new to soap making. Thanks for having me. I am enjoying the journey and learning new thing each day. I am new to navigating the forum so please forgive me if this has been asked many times before. I have made a CP recipe last week which required re batching because...
  19. BattleGnome

    First salting out/rebatch

    I've melted this soap down 4x and I'm starting to worry about its integrity. First melting: 1:1 soap to water. As it was heating I reread Deanna's tutorial about salting out soap. I should have used double the water but was too lazy to measure out more. I'm also sure I added my salt too...
  20. deebop

    Over fragranced!

    So. I'm new here, (hello!) my name is Dee and I recently started making soap. I'm really enjoying it so far and haven't had any (real) problems thanks to the existence of lye calculators! Anyway one of my batches was a simple water based soap with coconut oil, shortening and olive oil. I used...