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Mar 8, 2015
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my husband wants a "gunslinger" scented soap. I picked up some leather, sandalwood, and Beau Brummel from BB. From what I've been reading, common wisdom is around .5oz ppo, so around 1oz of FO for a 2lb batch. When I check the BB website, for a medium scent, I get the following numbers - for Beau Brummel is 21 grams, leather is 28 grams, and sandalwood is 59 grams. it 108 grams of FO, which translates into around 3.8 oz of oil for? Or do I mix the 3 together and then add around 1 oz of the mixed FO to the batch?
First make sure you are within the IFRA usage rate. I generally use between .5- 1 oz ppo. If it's a weaker scent I might use 1 and if it's strong .5 or a bit more. In your case a blend of all three would be no more than 2 oz likely a bit less. total for 32 oz of oils.
The numbers you got from BB are how much FO to use in a 2lb batch. So that's how much of each FO you'd use if it was the only FO. Since you are combining three FOs, you'll need less of each. What you need to do is come up with a blend first.
According to BBs numbers, it looks like the first two are about equal in strength, and the sandalwood is weaker (since they recommend twice as much). So I'd start with a blend of 1:1:2 Put the drops on a napkin and if you like how they smell together, great. Once you have your blend, you'll use that proportion of each fragrance in your soap. I would probably do .6ppo for these fragrances. So for a 2lb batch, that comes out to .3oz of each of the first two fragrances and and .6oz of sandalwood.

I hope this makes sense, I haven't had much caffeine yet!
^^^ this

The calculator gives you the TOTAL amount of scent you add to your soap. Its up to you to figure out how much of each scent to combine to make that total.