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Ingredients For Sale Spring Fragrance oil Destash - Canada

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May 1, 2017
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Alberta, Canada
DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk.

Time to try new suppliers and FO at great prices!

Shipping within Canada will be flat rate box depending on size which is between $19.99 - 32.99 with tax. but honestly should be between $19.99 for the small box and $24.99 for the medium box.

As a set $50 - Canadian Supplier
Voeux Aromatics Sweet Angel 250ml
Voeux Aromatics Warm Wood 100ml
Voeux Aromatics Gravity 100ml
Voeux Aromatics Tuberosa 100ml
Voeux Aromatics Tuberosa 250ml
Voeux Aromatics Gold & Dust 100ml
Voeux Aromatics Gold & Dust 250ml

As a set $75

Banana Nectar + Tahitian GardeniaThe Wooden Wick Co.233 grams
Blood Orange + Lime AgaveThe Wooden Wick Co.50 grams
Coffee Bean + CacaoThe Wooden Wick Co.2 oz
Calabrian Lemon + Lilac LeavesThe Wooden Wick Co.70 grams
Coastal Redwood + MandarinThe Wooden Wick Co.100 grams
Sunburst Tangelo + Citron GranitaThe Wooden Wick Co.357 grams

As a set $50.

Winter Candy Apple BBW TypeAztec1 oz
Blackstrap Molasses TypeAztec1 oz
Magic In The Air BBW TypeAztec1 oz
Cider Lane BBW Type (x2)Aztec1 oz
Winterberry Wonder BBW TypeAztec1 oz
French VanillaAztec1 oz
Blood Orange &Goji BerriesAztec1 oz
Effervescent Fizzy PopsJust scent0.5 oz
Cashmere & Cocoa ButterSoap Making Fragrance1 oz
Indian NutmegAztec1 oz
The Perfect ManWindy Point1 oz
SandalwoodAztec1 oz
Autumn FlannelThe Flaming Candle1 oz
White Tea and BerriesCandlescience1 oz
Blackberry SageCandlescience1 oz
Cardamom & TobaccoVillage Craft & Candle1 oz
Moon Lake MuskCandlescience1 oz
Mulled CiderThe Flaming Candle0.5 oz
Mahogany & TeakwoodSoap Making Frgrance1 oz

As a set $10
Spellbound Woods CybillaBrambleberrySample
Made To MeasureBrambleberrySample
Kentish RainBrambleberrySample

As a set $20
Daisy Dream girlMicas and More2oz
Volcano Capri BlueMicas and More2oz
Cucumber MelonMicas and More2oz
Honey, I washed the KidsMicas and More2oz

Magical Moon Garden - Voyageur Soap and Candle. 16oz - $20
Osmanthus & Night Rose - Voyageur Soap and Candle - $20
Sun Drenched Apricot Rose - Yankee Dupe - Scentsational Soaping Supply- $15 (Last forever in soap) Just not a rose lover.
Frankincense - Village Craft and Candle - $20
Palo Santo - Village Craft and Candle - $20
Vanilla Select - Brambleberry - 15oz - $20
Island Nectar - Wholesalesuppliesplus - $20
Mulberry - Windy Point - 360g- $15
Misty Magic Alkmaar (L*sh Dupe) 16oz $10
Fragrance Buddy Bedtime Bath 16oz $10
Scentsational Soaping Supply Coconut Milk 16oz $10
Scentsational Soaping Supply Vanilla Bean Nectarine 16oz $10
Scentsational Soaping Supply Soapy Clean - Brambleberry Dupe 15oz $10 ( So realistic to clean soap smell)
Soapmaking with Lisa Caramelized Pralines 16oz $10 - Caramel and a touch of pear - Discolor tan


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May 1, 2017
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Alberta, Canada
Bumping this. I need to destash to buy patchouli!

ETA: This is Canadian dollars! I will trade for Patchouli EO for those patchouli haters in Canada.

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