Using Crisco/shortening in candle making, and also cleaning paraffin

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Aug 29, 2020
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Southern California
Thank you so much, Peachy Clean Soap, for your instructive post! I have no clue what Crisco is and thought the best approximation would be margarine which I never liked.
Your report from the Procter&Gamble rabbit hole is most interesting. It's a shame they ruined the use of schmaltz in (Ashkenazi) Jewish cooking. Schmaltz cracknells are so yummi!
Awwwww your most welcome 💫🤗.
Update: My phrase ‘ let me jump dow the rabbit hole 🐰 is a fun phrase we US citizens use meaning “ research can go for a long time’ as in nature underground rabbit holes go for miles’.
The article name: Fun Facts About Proctor & Gamble. their was other interesting Fun Facts in this article too but I didn’t want this post to long.

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying ‘ Schmaltz Cracknells’ is it a cracker?
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Oct 30, 2022
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Crisco was originally for candles. Look at the label and it has a small candle in logo. Stupid Americans were marketed this as food. Lolz. And we wonder now about obesity that grew in US..But it is a legit candle wax.
Proctor and Gambel "discovered that hydrogenating the process to make their cottonseed oil candles would turn the candles into a white, lard - like substance." They called this "Crisco vegetable shortening" even though cotton is not really a vegetable. Crisco doesn't even have cottonseed oil in it anymore. It's main ingredient is soybean oil, just like soy wax.

What I'm wondering about now is how soy wax candels compare to Crisco candels. I'll have to wait till I get paid to buy some 100% soy wax (apparently some soy wax contains other stuff too) so I can compare with the Crisco candels (technically it's Walmart brand).
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