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Savage Daughter

Formerly known as Quasi Quadrant
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Feb 7, 2023
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Turtle Island
So, I wanted to give a shoutout to @glendam, who has been helping put together a custom order of 3D printed screens for my 8 pound loaf molds, and I gotta say....I highly recommend her services :)

She put a lot of effort into not only creating the pull-through screens I asked for, but also testing them. Everything was done with precision, and she kept in touch with me throughout the entire process, sending me photos, information etc.

Payment was also very nice because she doesn't use PayPal! You have no idea how happy I felt when I saw that she uses a different payment provider 😁 👍

I will update when I receive the screens. As it stands, I am hoping to place some more orders with her for other designs of pull-through screens.

Thank you so much once again @glendam ! ❤️