Suggestions for masculine Christmas or Winter Fragrance Oil?

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Sep 27, 2022
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Hi guys! Does anyone have any suggestions for masculine Winter or Christmas fragrance oils? I've always used only eo's in my cp goat milk soap, but have a request for some fragrance oil scented soaps for holiday gifts. I've found several I love, but still need one or two that are more masculine for men's gifts. Anyone have any Winter or Christmas fragrance oil recommendations you've found that men really like? Would like to avoid any fo's that accelerate severely or rice, but discoloration would be ok. Thanks in advance, I REALLY appreciate any suggestions! ;)
I just found a bar I made in August of 2018 using Three Wise Men from WSP, and the fragrance is still very present.
Thanks dibbles! That is amazing your bar from 2018 still has scent, lol! I will definitely check out Three Wise Men!

Scent Memory has a nice one called Pine Resin & Guaiac Wood that I really am liking
Ooooh, that sounds really interesting, thanks for the suggestion! Have you made any soap with it yet?
Ooooh, that sounds really interesting, thanks for the suggestion! Have you made any soap with it yet?
Yes I did a few days ago. It discolors. I uses green clay hoping it would be green but the discoloration made it a greenish brown. It looks more like bark than pine needles. But for me it was ok. If you wanted to do more Chirstmasy colors maybe it wouldn't work for that.
I just made a bunch of soap with Rustic Escentuals Bayberry Black Forest. I like it, it is strong, and will be going to my coworkers, who are mostly men.

I also think Alpine Frost from Brambleberry is pretty neutral, and no discoloration.
BB's Lingonberry Spice is a nice unisex holiday scent without too much "pine". It was a huge hit last year. It behaves well and discolors to a very light tan
just finished an ITP swirl with it and no issues


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I tested the Pine Resin & Guaiac Wood last fall. It discolors slowly to a light-medium brown. I added a top layer of green and liked the look. I soaped at 1 oz ppo and didn't have any problems soaping. The scent has stuck well at 6 months and I would probably soap again more like .8 oz ppo. To me the clove and pine were the dominant notes. I liked the clove a lot but didn't really expect it to be as dominant as it was. Although a good masculine scent this really appealed to women as well. I have it as a scent to consider for this Christamas since I liked it a lot. I also tested Birchwood Pine. It was much more a true pure pine scent if that is the note you want.

When I test I am making a simple soap with a top layer of color. I don't remember if there was enough time for a complicated design.