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Nov 29, 2007
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New Jersey
How do it get the wavey decorative top on my soap, like you all do? The top of my soap when I pour it in the mold is just pretty smooth.

let you soap set up abit and then swirl it with the back of a spoon, knife, whisk or whatever strikes your fancy. ( like swirling frosting on a cake).

Brian- How do you get yours all smooth?? I have been trying to smooth mine out and up end with the big waves on top and just bevel them off later...
you may be pouring at a thicker trace, thus the no work waves.

try pouring abit thinner.

if i'm not doing a textured top i place saran wrap on my soaps and as i am smoothing out the wrinkles it smoothes out the roughness.
Lane - I think I'm pouring at a thinner trace than you are. I do get a very slight variation on my top, but it's pretty close to smooth. I'm gonna try to go a bit thicker and see how that works for me.
I did an RTCP batch and poured at thin trace, VERY smooth! I also poured another at a thick trace, and yes, it was easy to pull waves up and out of it. :)

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