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Oct 30, 2007
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This is so fun, This weekend I tried my hand at cphp. Th e more I do the better I like it. It is addictive. So far I have made a total of 5 batches of soap and I cant wait to make another one. I'm not doing much with colors but....... smells are to die for. Well all except for the peppermint. Boy is that a wake up call for the shower and I only used half an ounce in a 5 lb oil batch. Still a little confused with the cphp as to when its done, it gets so thick I was afraid it might not come out of the pot. But it did and I am so pleased right now. Cant wait to take a shower tomorrow and try it. I will be my own tester. lol Thanks to all of you who post alot I am learning.

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