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Apr 17, 2013
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Who knew!!! I sent some soaps with my husband to my sister who has been begging me for more. As soon as my husband pulled the bag of soaps out of his suitcase, my mom saw them and snatched them up. He said she was so happy to get more soaps that he didn't have the heart to tell her they weren't hers!!! My sister and mother are now "fighting" about who gets to keep the soaps! (It's all friendly, but they don't want to share!) Oh boy!!! Time to make more soaps!!!
That's funny. My boss from Nashville was here last month and I asked him to bring a couple of things to two of the girls in the office for me when he went back. He said "sure, what am I bring back?" When I told him, he had to open the bags up and sniff all the soaps. Then he asked me to give him some, too! But he's been my biggest supporter so far.
Most of my family seems to be pretty lukewarm about my soapy stuff, although dear hubby and dearest stepson are fans.

DH was touting my pine tar soap to the local Whitetails Unlimited guys at their meeting the other night and he may have created an unexpected audience there. One guy who got a bar of PT from DH last year swears by it for deer hunting and that perked the other guys' ears. Whether it really helps or not ... I really can't say, but who am I to argue.

But it would be really gratifying if my family wanted to use my soap more -- enough to feud about it -- I'm envious!!!!!
Thats a good one, IrishLass! That made me laugh!!!
I didn't think it would be a big deal sending the soaps with my hubby since my sister was the only one showing interest in my soaps. I spoke with my mom last night and she's asking for some soap for herself as well as Christmas soaps to give to her coworkers now! They both figured out how to share as well, so all's good.