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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
My daughter is still severely with Sepsis and I have lost track of how many Platelet and blood transfusions we have had to pay for. I thought she was kicking it but her heart and blood pressure kicked way up again and the doc informed her that her platelets fell to critical again, so more transfusions. She has been in bed for at least a month with this. We scraped together the money. The hospital up there is charging so much for this after insurance it is still several thousand dollars and her poor husband can only work so many hrs. He is back to work full and overtime after his hip replacement, but the miserable mine keeps cutting their bonus pay to nothing. I am so worried about her, I cannot sleep at night. She has such a compromised immune system due to her Rheumatoid and other health issues as it is. Lots of 🙏🙏 needed. Realistically she needed to be in the hospital on IVs but it was unaffordable, she was quoted over 80k min for the hospital stay. You just cannot get help, we tried so no use asking, we could not find any. You do not want to know what my son-in-law's hip surgery cost us after insurance.

It seems like I never have a good to ask these days. We seem to be in need of all the prayers we can get. Until I finish with my sister and can sell the inherited house we are totally tapped due to medical issues. On a good note, my house is supposed to be delivered next week. Hopefully, cannot move in but at least we are supposedly getting it.

Sorry, for the long rant, I am just a tad depressed today and have no one to talk to... It has been a hard couple of years. I am just really frightened right now
🙏 all possible positive waves to your daughter and family. You and they have had a really rough year.

The sort of system which adds such stress on top of a life-threatening illness is just appalling to me.
Whew. Carolyn, my heart goes out to you. ❤️ Your worrying about this will not change the outcome. Do whatever you can do for yourself and your daughter. Then just take a few deep breaths, exhale to completely relax and "let go; let God". Hand it over to the Universe. Intention is very powerful. Trust that you will be taken care of. I've been in this spot twice over my lifetime and sometimes that's the only thing you can do. 🙏
I am so sorry to hear this. i will definitely send all my positive thoughts your way. I realize that you can never NOT worry about your children or what you can do to help, but worrying too much could be detrimental to your health and you are surely needed to help her. Bless you.
"Even if"...
In the middle of your mind conjuring up the worse case scenario - stop your thoughts and tell yourself "God still has me."
"Even if that horror happens, God has me and I'll be OK eventually."

Sounds very simple, but was a life changing mantra to get my brain out of the anxiety loop when I was going through personal hell.
As for depression, I'm sorry. I have no advice but keep doing the best you can until it goes away.
Will pray for your entire family the miracle that you all need.
I am so sorry to hear of your daughter's health issues. Sending healing mojo. Look after yourself.

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