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Would you color it?
Nope. But that's just me. Practical. One color for all the different shades of those ramekins - white. Maybe even use a little White Kaolin Clay -- good for cleaning and brightens the soap.

Hard to tell how much soap those ramekins hold. I make 4 oz shave soap pucks using a Pringles can for a mold. Avoid filling all the way to the top, for easier release. I get 4 pucks to a can.

Hate to keep beating a dead horse here. So she wants refills. I made my test batches in 1 cup glass prep cups and they popped out pretty easy with a little mark from prying a knife down the side. Not cpop like I normally do, just left them on the counter uncovered to soaponify. Unfortunately the prep cups don't fit in the ramekins.

I tried cutting wax paper to fit...but that hurt my head after a while and waaaay too time consuming.

So maybe a little Pam or vaseline? Would that work? I know I have read that somewhere here before.

Such an easy little project now that I have the recipe I want. Will literally take me less than an hour...except the refills.
You are so smart! :) Of course you don't need castor oil at all, nor lime juice and CA together - the CA is more than sufficient. Do you have any lemon EO, or even better d-limonene? They will add that nice lemony smell, and also add some extra grease cutting power.

Anyone know how much d-limonene ppo to use?

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