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Feb 28, 2008
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Melbourne Australia
Well it has to be Lovehounds each time I read it I have a smile on my face.

They met at Lowe's lye counter and it was love at first sight. She's a soaper, he's a meth cooker. She fights grime while he incites crime. Can they find happiness together? Wink Wink Wink

Does anyone else have some favourites? on this board.
Coral, I'm so tickled and flattered that you noticed my signature humor. :) :) :)

I feel a responsibility to change my signature from week to week just to amuse my fellow forum members. I'm here to find knowledge, I'm here to share the knowledge I've learned, but I'm also here to give my fellow forum members a good experience and I hope to entertain and amuse folks with my posts, and hopefully to inform on some degree to whatever I am able.

If I can make you smile then I've had a good day and I hope I'll help you have a good day too.

Stay tuned for my next signature in perhaps a week or so. I predict that "she" will influence "he" with her savory and aromatic good wholesome essences, and "he" will give up his unhealthy hobby because true love always triumphs over evil.

Stay tuned to see if she will be satisfied with his conversion. ;) Or will he return to his evil ways??? :eek:

Thank you so much for paying attention to me. :D
I noticed it too and could absolutely see the humor and truth having been oggled by a suspect meth-head while buying lye. :wink:
Gawd you guys (gals). My head is swelling, almost exploding! :) :) :)

Truthfully, I really enjoy making people smile. It makes my day.

Let's all do that. :D
Hi Coral and glad to meet you. Please feel free to insert your own humor in your own sig. All humor is local, but act globally. ;)

Make my day. Make me smile. :D
dragonfly princess said:
Ok check mine cuz I am about to change he avatar again!!!

Gawd!!! I just can not get over this avitar!!! It cracks me up. :lol: :lol: Can I have it when you are done with it?