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Jul 17, 2021
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Lavonia, GA
I am using Poly 20 in my room spray first attempt. I have used 20% and it is a little clear but still has a white foamy layer at the top. I am out of poly 20 now. Can I add some Poly 80 to it and see if it finished emulsifying? If I add Isopropyl Alcohol will that help? The ingredients are Distilled water, Fragrance Oil, Poly 20, and preservatives.
How much fragrance are you using? Generally around 1% is sufficient in which case 20% polysorbate 20 is too much. try starting at around 5 times the amount of polysorbate to fragrance.

You can use polysorbate 80 as a solubiliser.

I wouldn't recommend using Isopropyl Alcohol as it has a terrible odor. You could definitely add some ethanol at 10 - 20% and this should assist the solubilsation of the fragrance.
Thank you so much the recipe I found uses 5% FO. I ended up using some poly 80 and Isopropyl alcohol and it cleared up. It is a little thick. It will be for friend and family use. I will try to create a different formula to try next.