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  1. M

    Room Spray Separating

    I am using Poly 20 in my room spray first attempt. I have used 20% and it is a little clear but still has a white foamy layer at the top. I am out of poly 20 now. Can I add some Poly 80 to it and see if it finished emulsifying? If I add Isopropyl Alcohol will that help? The ingredients are...
  2. Kiya

    Oil cleanser recipes and polysorbates

    Hello everyone, A year or two ago I saw a thread on here where people posted their recipes for an oil cleanser. The most popular ones had a polysorbate in it to help emulsify the oil and help it rinse clean with water. I made one and loved my results. Quite sometime has gone by since I have made...
  3. Danielle_WM

    Bath Salts/Bombs-> Has anyone tried these Polysorbate 80 substitutes?

    Hello, I am not scared of ingredients like polysorbate 80 or Cromollient SCE, but I do like to add new or less common ingredients to my products. Experimenting is fun! Has anyone used these products to disperse oils, EOs, and colorants like micas in bath water (for salts, bombs, and bath...