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  1. S

    My liquid soap separated!!

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum but not new to soap making. I make soaps based on animal fats, I always use the HP method because I like the authentic feel and look of it. So last month I tried to make my first liquid tallow soap. Pure tallow, no oils. I noticed that after a few days the...
  2. M

    Room Spray Separating

    I am using Poly 20 in my room spray first attempt. I have used 20% and it is a little clear but still has a white foamy layer at the top. I am out of poly 20 now. Can I add some Poly 80 to it and see if it finished emulsifying? If I add Isopropyl Alcohol will that help? The ingredients are...
  3. TheGecko

    Goat Milk Soap Separation

    I made my first batch of GMS yesterday and put it to bed in the garage. Silicone mold, lightly covered with plastic wrap and a sweat jacket. Pulled it out this morning and it looked a little pitted on top with about maybe, 3/8" of floating oil. Pulled it out of the mold, set it on some...
  4. Anstarx

    Separation or glycerin...lake?

    I made a batch of soap over the weekend and was surprised when I unmolded them- large translucent spot everywhere! I'm pretty sure I blended it all the way to a medium trace before I pour. I've never had separation for any batches I made before. Only thing I did different than usual is that I...
  5. S

    Water beads

    I made cupcake soap last night using a recipe I've used several times before. I used 33% water. I split the batch up into 3 equal containers and to one added some mica suspended in a little oil, poured that into the cupcake molds, then 2 the other container added violet oxide suspended in a...
  6. C

    honey oat milk soap ricing edition

    I have made a few batches of honey oat milk soap, cold process. last night, i made 2 1-kilo batches testing a new fragrance oil. The first batch didn't have much of a problem that i didn't antipicate. The second batch was a different story. Both batches have almost the same ingredients, except...
  7. A

    HP Embed Separated

    I've been doing hot process for some time now. I decided it was time to branch out and experiment with some embeds. The recipe for both the embed and base were the same except for the additives. One had Spirulina and Rosemary EO and was made 3 days in advanced. The main part of the soap had...
  8. CelestaMoon

    Oil Separation

    Hi, I just finished making some dipped loofah Cp soap. After i dipped the loofah in the soap i placed them on some wax paper. i am now seeing some oil around the loofahs on the wax paper. The soap came together great, saw no separation and it was in the bowl for quit awhile as i was dipping so...