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  1. M

    Room Spray Separating

    I am using Poly 20 in my room spray first attempt. I have used 20% and it is a little clear but still has a white foamy layer at the top. I am out of poly 20 now. Can I add some Poly 80 to it and see if it finished emulsifying? If I add Isopropyl Alcohol will that help? The ingredients are...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Non-distillation aromatic oil extraction from fresh ylang ylang flowers with alcohol?

    Hi there, From what I gather, distillation is the most common extraction method for fresh ylang ylang flowers. Unfortunately, I do not have a distillation plant and would rather produce an oil-based product (for an emulsified facial oil cleanser or body oil). If possible, how can I use 96%...
  3. B

    My soap smells like rubbing alcohol!

    Hi everyone! So, I'm brand new, and have been making melt and pour for about 2 weeks now. I've made a TON of soap, but I keep running into a problem with my soaps colored with mica or activated charcoal. I'm suspending the mica or charcoal in a small amount of rubbing alcohol so it won't clump...
  4. C

    Perfume containing alcohol

    I'm an absolute beginner. I've made my first batch with peppermint oil and as far as I can see everything is OK. I have large quantities of eau de toilette and I'd like to scent coming batches with some of the fragrances. I read a couple of threads on the forum and can see alcohol must be...
  5. L

    Melt and Pour Vodka Soap Recipe

    Hello, I'm just getting in to making melt and pour soap. I've made a couple easy batches just adding some essential oils. I would like to start adding some liquor to a couple batches to do some more novelty type soaps. Was wanting to see if anyone had an idea of what kind of ratio to use and...
  6. D

    Tequila and Alcohol Soaps

    Hey guys and gals! We've been extremely interested in making a soap with alcohol in it. Here's the thing, I've been doing a lot of research and haven't come up with much luck. I know people make beer soaps. How would I go about making a tequila soap? I was thinking half water half tequila...
  7. M

    Soda Ash even after spraying with alcohol

    For month I made my goat milk soap with never a problem with ash. I was covering the top of the mold with saran wrap and letting it gel. No ash but dark soap so I stopped gelling and now I am getting soda ash even when I cover with saran. I switched to generously spritzing with 91% alcohol and...