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Sep 16, 2007
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Houston, TX
Has any tried anything with Rice flower & shea fragrance oil?

Sounds like it would smell really nice. I was looking into buying a bottle of this and using it for my body powders.

If anyone has any reviews on this FO I'd love to hear about it.
I have tried the Rice Flower and Shea from Save On Scents. It smells just like the Bath And Body Works brand. I love it.
Rice Flower & Shea

I have some WSP fragrances left over from last summer when I started out making M&P. I still do M&P. Just did a big batch with lavender EO this morning for DH. I decided to dig out my WSP leftovers and try them in CP.The first one I pulled from the box (eyes closed..random pick!!) was Rice Flower and Shea. I know that it made very nice M&P. Tomorrow I will use up my bottle in a basic little lard, OO and CO recipe. I will post my outcome. It still smells really nice OOB. I have kept it in a cool dark cabinet. In fact...I forgot all about my WSPs! I am going to have some fun using them up. They all have a use by date on them which is coming up soon!!
Rice Flower & Shea

I just soaped it! It was a simple 2lb OO,CO,lard recipe with a little castor oil and silk. I soaped at RT. Came to a beautiful perfect trace after just a little bit of SBing. Maybe in pot about 5 minutes...if...
I put it to bed in my new mold from Paul. I am very pleased with this lovely mold with the perma lined sides. It was a pale yellow-creamy color and the scent smelled nice. There was a bad moment when the lye hit the oils (I had mixed the FO into the oils) and something smelled not so good, but it passed quickly as I got an emulsion going. I hope they have not changed this formula as I would like to get some more. I don't like musk scents and this one is more just clean smelling than musky, but I do know that there is some in the formula.

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