Vanilla & Baby Powder?

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Jul 13, 2020
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Georgia, USA
I purchased a Vanilla Bean fragrance oil from a supplier because it had great reviews and it arrived today, but the scent is really light. Like, you can barely smell it and I fear this will be the same result when adding it to products. I planned on using it as a single fragrance in body butters and oils but now I'm thinking about mixing it with another fragrance and I thought about something else light like baby powder. Anyone else ever mixed the two together - vanilla and baby powder? I'm out of baby powder fragrance oil right now so I am unable to test hence the reason why I'm here asking. Any other recommendations on what I can mix it with in order to get a nice clean scent?
Ramp up that vanilla with (very) small touches of jasmine, coconut and musk for a sugary, sweet vanilla. Add a little more jasmine and musk for a powdery note!

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