Real Peanut Butter in Lye Soap

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Garden Gives Me Joy

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Jan 25, 2020
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Happy for ideas, advice or experiences re using real creamy peanut butter in lye soap. I am guessing that it will render a very creamy lather .... perhaps that could rival avocado?

My current experiment idea is the following.
  • NaOH discount, roughly 3%
  • Peanut butter, roughly 3% of fats. To incorporate the peanut butter; I may homogenize and liquefy the peanut butter in 5 - 10% of the melted base oils and then add that peanut butter- base oil batter mix into the batter after trace.
  • Will definitely warn anyone testing the soap that the soap has real peanuts (which may cause allergic reactions for persons suffering nut allergies). Would reusing the washed mixing bowl, stick blender and other implements in other formulations that do not use peanut butter potentially trigger allergic reactions because of trace resides that may remain?
There is no 'may', it WILL cause someone who is allergic to nuts to have a reaction which could include going into anaphylactic shock.

You would need clean and sanitize all equipment used to make the PB soap before making any other soap...some folks are THAT sensitive.

And I know from personal experience that it's simply not worth it. I made a soap with Walnut Shell, despite the warning: CONTAINS WALNUT SHELLS, I had someone with a nut allergy almost purchase the soap because she didn't 'see' it. Even though I had CYA'd myself, I would have still have had at hire an attorney to defend myself in a lawsuit and given how liberal juries can be, they might have decided I was libel because I didn't TELL her.